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Visitors Insurance, buy from India or USA?

If your relatives or parents are traveling from India to USA, a good question asked by many is whether to buy visitor insurance from India or from USA. The answer is not simple and many factors are needed to be considered before making an informed choice. At first review, many Indian-based insurance companies may present a considerable cheaper visitor insurance India quotes for a plan with same specifications; however, several other issues are necessary consideration when purchasing visitor medical insurance from an Indian or other foreign based company.

To help you navigate and make an informed choice of where to buy – India or USA, a review of the the important considerations when selecting visitors insurance are discussed below:
1. Coverage Acceptability: The prime reason to purchase a good visitor insurance for elder relatives or parents visiting USA is to have the necessary benefits and features accepted and available for use at USA based hospitals, emergency rooms, urgent care centers, physician doctor clinics or other care giver settings. If this fundamental acceptability is questioned or disputed by these healthcare providers in the case of out-of-country plans such as Indian visitor insurance, you might have to run pillar to post to prove the credibility. American visitor insurance plans are widely accepted by providers in the US and worldwide.
2. Regulatory Jurisdiction: This is a very important consideration in the event of a disputed claim. The insurance regulatory environment is not developed in India compared to the United States, whereby you as an aggrieved consumer might not get the necessary support from Indian insurance regulators, whereas US-based insurance providers are fully regulated and any claim related disputes are handled as set by rules. Further, Indian insurance regulations might not be able to protect your rights as an insured when you are traveling in a US jurisdiction. A USA based insurance company can be a better choice, since it is regulated by robust and time-tested U.S. insurance regulations.
3. Limited benefit plans: Most of the Indian visitor insurance providers offer limited or fixed benefit coverage visitor insurance plans, whereas USA based plan providers feature comprehensive coverage with a choice of plans to select from.
4. Cashless Direct Billing: With India based plans, a USA based hospital or doctor mostly do not recognize foreign insurance plans for treatment or care received in the United States. As such, cashless direct billing feature typically included in USA based plans is not available in India based plans, and you might be required to pay upfront and file the claim later with your insurance provider in India for reimbursement. However, claim processing in India is very slow and inefficient due to administrative and other difficulties, leaving you waiting a long time to get your money back.
5. Customer case and support: If you need immediate assistance with regards to confirming your enrollment or even if a certain procedure or condition is covered or not, connecting with customer support of an Indian insurance provider might be difficult as many do not offer 24/7 support which is further limited by different time zones. Being in the US time zone helps as doctors or hospitals can quickly get the question answered and confirming your policy. This could further delay care at the time of need.
6. Plan Renewability: USA visitor insurance plans can be renewed online prior to expiration, and most Indian insurance providers do not offer renewable policies. It is very important to renew the insurance plan if your parent or relative extends his or her stay in America.
7. Policy Cancellation: USA based plan are generally cancelable prior to expiration due to valid reason such as a family members return to India earlier than anticipated. Many Indian plans are not cancellable or refundable, leading to losing the premium costs incurred to purchase the policy.
8. Company Experience: Many of the US based visitor insurance providers have been offering the same plans for decades, they have built tremendous knowledge with regards to the plan features, claims handling, customer support. On the other hand, Indian insurance providers are relatively new to the field, they might not be able to provide you with comparable support.

With a through review of each of the above mentioned points, it is prudent and strongly recommended you to purchase a reputed USA-based visitors insurance for travel to USA. Always review and buy the best travel insurance for visitors to USA from a US based provider as all claims are handled in the United States only. has several comprehensive coverage and cost-effective plans that allow you to enjoy your visit while traveling outside home country, and provide the necessary peace of mind knowing that you are protected for costs encountered during travel medical emergencies.

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Visitor Insurance: Get Plan Quotes and Buy Coverage Online

If you are planning to visit USA or travel across national borders to any overseas destination anytime in the near future, you need to make sure that purchasing a visitor insurance plan for the entire duration of stay outside your home country is of utmost priority and should be at the top of your planning list. In life, there is hardly anything that counts more important than your health, or even the health of a family member such as relatives or parents visiting you, or the traveler could also be a business partner who needs to visit America for a short-term duration.

Visitor Insurance Plan for Visiting USA

When considering to purchase a visitor insurance plan, consider the expertise of an insurance agent from There are many visitor insurance providers that offer a bevy of travel medical and visitor health insurance plan offerings, you want to make sure that the policy you select includes all the features that you require and also within your set budget. Many insurance provider companies offer comprehensive visitor insurance plans that include health coverage along with other types of added travel benefits that is included in the same policy.

Visitors Insurance Coverage for Visiting USA

It also makes sense to review specific plans for specific types of travel circumstances, such as policies for visitors to USA, international students, guest workers, leisure travelers, etc. Be sure to find out if the plan will cover your specific circumstances and the visa type you are traveling under. Also check if the visitor insurance coverage policy may include any required coverage such as for complications in pregnancy, coverage for your children, or treatment for pre-existing conditions during an acute or sudden relapse. If you are going on a long trip, you may also consider a visitor insurance plan that offer access to preventative check-ups and possibly dental or mental health coverage.

Buy Visitors Insurance for Visiting USA

Before final purchase of any particular visitor insurance plan, make sure you understand all the fine print and details abould plan exclusions and policy features as stated in the schedule of benefits. Also make sure that the visitor insurance plan covers all the visiting countries, along with list of providers who will honor the insurance in case of a medical emergency. Make a note about set maximum amounts for medical evacuation and treatment needed for severe accidents or routine illnesses. Finally, determine if the third party plan administrator is easily reachable if you need to communicate, even across national borders, various time zones, or different language barriers.

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Parents Visiting USA, Buy Visitor Medical Insurance

For parents visiting USA from India, the most vital decision that they make, or their children make on their behalf, is the decision to buy a visitor medical insurance plan for the duration of stay in America. Many relatives, in-laws or parents visiting USA for the first time, and even later on subsequent visits, and they may have been waiting for the day to travel to USA to be with their children and/or grand kids living in America. In all the excitement surrounding your parents visit and their travel plans, and the packing and planning that goes along, it is important to not forget to purchase visitor medical insurance for USA also. No matter how much you and your parents may have anticipated or decided on things, you are not completely prepared until you have a visitors medical insurance papers also packed and ready along with your passport and other important paperwork. Visiting the USA can be lots of fun, but there are many challenges if you are an elderly traveler, as with age comes the need for proper medical care at the right time of need.

Visitors Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

There are lot of different kinds of coverage available for parents visiting USA that can be taken additionally. To justify the need for visitor insurance for parents, one must always consider all eventualities, such as if you are in an accident when in a car or tripping on a slippery pavement leading to a fracture or even a routine flu that you get requiring some medical attention, or some more serious medical emergency should something happen. Discussing and finding out more about these situations is not a negative way of thinking, but rather helps you and makes you better prepared in an efficient way to buy a policy that offers the coverage benefits to stay medically protected.

Visitors Insurance for Relatives Visiting USA

Family members of visitors to USA, who are living in America, can also make purchase of visitors insurance for relatives visiting USA online using a credit card on behalf of their relatives or parents visiting USA. The purchase process on is simple and easy online, just taking a few minutes to complete the application and purchase. Anyone can complete the purchase process of visitor health insurance online for themselves or on behalf of anyone, and all this can be done from anywhere across the globe and at any point of time. The plan coverage an begin as early as same day or the next day if the visitor is already in the U.S., or any future date selected per the travel schedule. Upon purchase, a sytem generated email with all the policy details along with links to the customer access portal, print policy papers, ID cards etc, will be instantly available.

Best Visitors Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Below are the plan suggestions based on age of relatives or parents visiting USA:

Age below 65 years, best insurance for parents visiting USA

Ages 65-79 years, best insurance for parents visiting USA

Ages 80+ years, best insurance for parents visiting USA

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Parents visiting USA need Visitor Medical Insurance

Parents visiting USA? Get a visitor medical insurance plan for accident & sickness coverage in the United States or for travel to any foreign country on the way. Visitors traveling to USA from foreign countries arrive every year for several reasons. Parents or family members of expatriates or new immigrants living in USA request their family in a different country to visit their children and grandchildren regularly. Senior parents from different continents undertake international travel for visiting USA and other foreign nations frequently to meet their relatives or close friends. Also, pensioners just after retirement, finally find the leisure time to explore foreign countries. People also visit America to escape the harsh weather in their home country. This highlights the case for buying visitors insurance for parents visiting USA.

Visitors Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Medical insurance for visitors to USA are framed keeping some of the most common medical requirements of the visitors or new immigrants in the US. Some of the common risks covered under visitor medical insurance plan are coverage for hospitalization expenses, injuries while on the road, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, accidental death and dismemberment, and much more while in America. However, most of the insurance providers will not cover the pre existing medical conditions of the travelers, however certain plans only offer acute onset coverage from pre-existing condition and ailments. Even with all these restrictions and exclusions, buy visitors insurance for parents visiting USA is a must as these plans help any parent guard against high medical costs in the visiting country.

Visitors Insurance for Relatives Visiting USA

Healthcare costs are high in the US and Canada and this is something that visitors often ignore. Visitors medical insurance is important and should be considered when one visits America. For a relatives or parents to have a happy stay in USA or any nation overseas, be it to the US, Canada or any other foreign destination, it is advisable to purchase visitors insurance for parents visiting USA. Health risks are common to everyone. Older parents visiting USA, senior citizens and pensioners going abroad quite often encounter unexpected accidental injury needing medical care or other health ailments while traveling. Buying visitors insurance for parents visiting USA, accidental injuries or other common ailments that visitors to USA experience are covered under these plans.

Best Visitors Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Below are the best visitors insurance for parents visiting USA. Review the plan suggestions based on age of relatives or parents visiting USA:

Age below 70 years, best coverage options for visiting USA

Ages 70-79 years, best coverage options for visiting USA

Ages 80+ years, best coverage options for visiting USA

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Types of Visitor Medical Insurance Plans

Visitor insurance plans are broadly classified as fixed benefit or comprehensive coverage plans. Fixed benefit policies are much cheaper when compared by cost alone with comprehensive plans, but also provide fewer benefits and less coverage features. If you should need to seek medical attention while covered by the plan you would be required to first pay the deductible, then the insurance company would pay a fixed amount for each medical condition or health service you receive.

Comprehensive coverage plans will cost you more, but will also offer more benefits. As in the fixed coverage plan you will have to pay a deductible. After the deductible the insurance company will pay 80% of all medical expenses up to $5000 outside the PPO Network, co-insurance is waived or a lower ratio within the network of providers. Visitor medical insurance can prove invaluable if a traveler suffers from a disease or medical issue during the trip. a stroke or heart attack, for example, can happen at any time and in any country regardless of safety. If such a tragedy should occur, one needs to have visitor health insurance to cover the high medical care costs.

The medical claims paid by visitor insurance plans can really be beneficial to USA visitors and their families living in America. Any the treatment of any existing health conditions will not be included, especially chronic medical conditions. Some visitor insurance also has limitations with regards to the amount they will pay out for any specific treatments, health services or medication. Known as coverage limits. The policyholder, not the insurance company, must cover any expenses incurred above these maximums.

Short-term visitors to USA or any other nation do not realize the importance of visitors medical insurance until an accident or illness has already struck, then it is too late to buy a policy. These kinds of unforeseen problems can not only ruin a holiday or a business visit, but also dramatically deplete a individuals or extended family finances. This is why it is so important for travelers to protect themselves and their family with visitor health insurance.

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Review of Visitor Medical Insurance Plans

Visitor medical insurance is ideal travel health insurance coverage for short-term visitors and tourists to USA, it meets the needs of parents and other family members visiting first time or on subsequent visits. The medical expenses even for a minor sickness or injury compared to host country costs can be very high, and this is even magnified when it involves some kind of hospitalization. You can reduce the financial risk of unforeseen accidents or medical emergencies by buying visitor medical insurance.

Medical emergency is a situation when a life-threatening medical condition existed, or the lack of medical attention would endanger his or her life, limb or sight and requires immediate medical treatment or has painful symptoms requiring a relieve to suffering or discomfort. Many visitor health insurance plans focus on providing coverage for your medical expenses resulting from sudden illness or injuries during your trip, with many policies covering trips from as short as even 5 days.

Visitor health insurance pays for medical costs for unexpected illness or injuries sustained by foreign citizens visiting the US. This includes hospitalization expenses, doctor office visits, charges for prescription drugs, and surgery expenses. It also covers costs for emergency medical evacuation of the injured or ill traveler to the nearest hospital.

Limited or set coverage plans offer a fixed benefit amount for each medical condition as listed in schedule of benefits. With limited benefit plans, the benefit limit is typically lower than the maximum amount assured by the policy. Comprehensive coverage plans are not limited by each medical condition and cover amounts to the policy maximum, and the insured are eligible for rates within the PPO network.

Visitor insurance plans are available to any visitor to the US, irrespective of their purpose of visit, be it business, tourism, study, or immigration. Many times, visitors to USA do not realize the importance of visitors medical insurance until an accident or illness has already struck. This is too late to purchase a visitor health insurance policy after the medical emergency event. These unforeseen problems can not only ruin а vacation, but also deplete the individuals or families finances. This is why it is so important for travelers to America to protect them with visitors insurance.

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Visitor Medical Insurance for Indian Visitors to USA

Each year, many Indian citizens visit America for many reasons such as visiting theire sons, daughters who live and work in the USA. Many more people from India come to America as short term visitors on a holiday trip to visit USA and travel around America along with sightseeing and adventure trips around America. A lot of older parents and in-laws or other relatives and friends just come to America to be with thier grand children during their retired life. All these folks from India need visitors insurance India which are US visitors insurance for parents policy as the domestic medical insurance plan bought in India will not be helpful in terms of sickness/injury protection in USA. The healthcare system in America is high cost and international travelers from India visiting the United States of America can buy India USA travel insurance and happily stay in USA without worrying about the financial burden when any health related emergency or accident happens in America.

Visitor Insurance for Indian visitors to USA

The private visitor insurance India provider companies offer a host of visitor insurance USA plans to satisfy the needs of persons visiting USA from India. Travel medical insurance for visitors from India is developed by reputed visitor health insurance companies based in North America. The Indian visitors in USA need short term visitor insurance India policies that best suits their needs for their age group, and one can compare the quotes of these plans and choose among them to make a purchase instantly online. The compare tool developed by is user-friendly and helps visitors from India to decide which visitors insurance coverage plan to pick and choose the best visitor insurance or low-cost visitor insurance for Indian visitors traveling to America.

Visitors Insurance USA for Visitors from India

Visitor insurance India providers offer multiple visitors medical insurance to choose from that cover Indian visitors travel outside India. The visitor insurance for Indian visitors to USA is exactly the best solution and seekers can conveniently compare various visitors insurance plans online and choose the right plan that suits their specific needs for their visit to USA.

Visitor Insurance USA for Travel from India

Visitor health insurance for visitors from India visiting USA provides coverage for general benefits like hospital medical expenses, emergency evacuation, medical reunion, common carrier death benefits, repatriation of mortal remains, accidental death and dismemberment, etc. while in the USA. Also, certain visitor insurance USA for visitors from India plans offer coverage for visitors to USA from India with acute onset or relapse of certain pre-existing conditions, there are certain restrictions and exclusions, this can be reviewed in plan brochure online. This feature is essential for relatives or parents visiting USA as the basis for medical underwriting is the doctors reports that is routinely ordered from the physician who has treated the insured in USA.

Below are the Visitor insurance India plan suggestions based on age of visitors to USA:

Age below 65 years:

Ages 65-79 years:

Ages 80+ years:

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Visitor Insurance Keeps Travel Medical Risks at Bay

The most important point to remember whenever you or your family member is visiting USA or going a journey outside home country, is the need that you buy a visitor insurance policy. Considering that you are not used to a lot of health issues in any new country, it is good to get ready for unforeseen sickness or related wellness challenges that might surprise you. On the other hand, if you have gone for the visitor health insurance, then you don’t have to panic, know that you are adequately protected.

Visitors insurance does not cover everything under all circumstances. This type of policy, like other insurance plans in the marketplace has exclusions, conditions and limitations. Please read the plan brochure in depth and understand completely before you buy any policy. Generally, most policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, and how this is defined varies from policy to policy. Certain comprehensive plans offer acute onset or sudden relapse of pre-existing conditions up to a limited amount and restricted by age also. Also many other common exclusion include accidents or illness caused by abuse of drugs or alcohol. Also not covered are routine health care check-ups, annual physicals, elective or cosmetic surgery, and follow-up, non-emergency care that could be done in your home-country or province.

Visitor medical plans are not a dental plan for routine dental hygiene, root canal, tooth extraction, also exempted typically are benefits for vision care Many plans limit benefits if insured fail to get advance approval for treatment. Some policies don not cover risky sports like bungee jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving or hang gliding. while a few offer the same inclusive for all insured. Self-inflicted injuries and suicide are not covered, nor are injuries caused while a policy-holder is committing any criminal act.

It should be noted that all the eligible medical costs that may possibly occur due to any accident or injury during the duration of your travel to USA or any other nation, the insured are covered by the visitor insurance coverage. Despite the fact that the package varies from country to country, what needs to be understood is that you are adequately covered if you purchase the policy in advance.

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Compare and Save on Visitor Medical Insurance

Visitor medical insurance can be bought by anyone on behalf anyone else or for themselves while as a short-term visitor in USA or other advanced economies with high health care costs such as Canada or Europe. Without the right amount of visitor insurance coverage, the visitor will have a higher risk profile, buying visitor medical insurances can offset this risk and also provide protection from injuries or accidents or even routine sickness. By being covered by a visitor health insurance whenever plan, the U.S. visit is adequately protected and also provides access to the right care at the right time in health emergencies. Thereby, it is highly recommended and essential to buy a visitor medical insurance plan before departing home country.

New immigrants and visitors to USA are not qualified for domestic health insurance plans offered to residents in the United States. It is best to purchase a policy before departing home country, however it is not late to buy a visitors medical insurance even after arriving in the visiting host nation. Visitor health insurance is a temporary policy that covers the insured individual or family for the duration of coverage selected at the time of application and later during renewal of the policy. Visitor insurance covers eligible medical expenses incurred in case of illness or injury, and even for any sudden emergencies. Covered medical expenses include all medical costs like hospital room and board, prescription medicines, surgical treatment costs, medical evacuation, repatriation, and many other included features.

There is a lot of diversity in the medical treatment offered in many advanced countries, however there many insurance companies that service USA visitors and international travelers with visitor insurance plans meeting diverse needs such as parents visiting USA, holiday travelers on vacations, global expats and more. Compare visitors medical insurance plans on to highlight the subtle differences amongst them and make the decision of selecting the best-suited coverage for individual or family needs a no-brainer.

Before selecting a particular plan, always review all the benefit and exclusions as detailed in the program summary and plan brochure. There are two types of visitor insurance plans – fixed benefit plans or comprehensive coverage plans. Fixed plans have set limits to the medical benefits as listed in the brochure, comprehensive policies cover up to the plan maximum, and are more advantages compared to fixed benefit plans. The premium rates in case of fixed benefit plans are much lower compared to comprehensive plans, as the offered benefits are also lower.

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Best Visitors Insurance for Parents visiting USA

Parents visiting USA from countries like India and China has increased in recent years with the advent of the jet-age. In this scenario, it is necessary to find the best visitor insurance company providing top coverage in America for senior visiting parents, older aged relatives. One of the basic requests in the quest to find the best visitors insurance is that it has to have the most extensive and maximum benefits with minimum quoted premium costs. There are many visitor insurance providers in USA and also in other countries, which provide visitors health insurance for visiting parents and helps any parent guard against high medical costs in the visiting country.

There are many America visitor insurance providers that offer the best plans with top-notch benefits and very low cost visitor insurance providers in USA and you have to do an extensive research before buying any policy, due to hidden factors and fine print that may be difficult to understand by a layman. Read the plan details for right information available in the brochure on insurance products, as there might be hidden conditions or exclusions which you might not be aware of by just glancing through. Make sure all your required needs are covered in the visitors insurance plan and check the quotes form the insurance company directly. If you come across cheap visitor insurance plans, check the policy as you might end up in more co-pay or may not cover all the diseases or conditions. has listed the best visitors insurance plans from different companies to choose from, based on experience and interview from talking to many visitors and new immigrants and other residents living in USA and purchasing plans for visitors to USA.

  1. Atlas America Insurance is a popular visitor medical insurance for visiting parents and relatives in USA. Atlas America Insurance is for non-American citizens and is one of the popular insurance providers for parents, friends, relatives and tourists visiting USA. Atlas America visitor insurance plans have coverage for emergency medical evacuation, natural disasters, complications of pregnancy and many more. Atlas provides benefits through its wide PPO network. Atlas has many plans for international visitors and in some cases they offer free insurance for dependents child.
  2. Patriot America Insurance is designed for USA visitors and travelers and is popular in USA immigrant comunity. Patriot America visitor insurance offers coverage for a minimum of 5 days to 1 year. They are perfect fit for anyone seeking short term benefits such as students, parents, friends and relatives visiting USA. Pre-existing conditions are not covered in the Patriot America plan and a minimum of 3 months needs to be purchased to be eligible to renew the policy in the future. For even better features, consider the Patriot Platinum America Insurance which adds additional features to the Patriot America Insurance plan by providing up to $8,000,000 of maximum coverage benefit with enhanced features and services, and includes pre-existing condition coverage with age restrictions, also offers global concierge and assistance services.
  3. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive provides visitors coverage protection to parents who are citizens of any nation when they are traveling away from home, and is an ideal insurance coverage option for visitors to the United States and international travelers. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Insurance is renewable and offers up to $1,000,000 in medical benefits.
  4. Safe Travels USA Cost Saver meets the needs of USA visiting parents and tourists to USA. Safe Travels USA Cost Saver visitor insurance offer comprehensive visitor health insurance benefits and provide access to network of thousands of international doctors and hospitals in its First Health network.
  5. Diplomat America Insurance is for non-US parents and relatives visiting USA. Diplomat America visitor insurance offers coverage for persons age 80 or older and are eligible for Plan A with US$50,000 maximum benefit. Diplomat America Insurance provides accident and sickness medical coverage, travel assistance, and accidental death and dismemberment benefits to foreign nationals while visiting the United States.
  6. Visit USA Insurance is one of the oldest plans and offers coverage for visiting relatives for a duration of a minimum of 15 days to a maximum period of up to 12 months, and benefits are available per incident/illness (each indident or accident in the plan duration is covered to the policy maximum selected), and the policy can begin as early as the next day.