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Visitor Insurance: Get Plan Quotes and Buy Coverage Online

If you are planning to visit USA or travel across national borders to any overseas destination anytime in the near future, you need to make sure that purchasing a visitor insurance plan for the entire duration of stay outside your home country is of utmost priority and should be at the top of your planning list. In life, there is hardly anything that counts more important than your health, or even the health of a family member such as relatives or parents visiting you, or the traveler could also be a business partner who needs to visit America for a short-term duration.

Visitor Insurance Plan for Visiting USA

When considering to purchase a visitor insurance plan, consider the expertise of an insurance agent from There are many visitor insurance providers that offer a bevy of travel medical and visitor health insurance plan offerings, you want to make sure that the policy you select includes all the features that you require and also within your set budget. Many insurance provider companies offer comprehensive visitor insurance plans that include health coverage along with other types of added travel benefits that is included in the same policy.

Visitors Insurance Coverage for Visiting USA

It also makes sense to review specific plans for specific types of travel circumstances, such as policies for visitors to USA, international students, guest workers, leisure travelers, etc. Be sure to find out if the plan will cover your specific circumstances and the visa type you are traveling under. Also check if the visitor insurance coverage policy may include any required coverage such as for complications in pregnancy, coverage for your children, or treatment for pre-existing conditions during an acute or sudden relapse. If you are going on a long trip, you may also consider a visitor insurance plan that offer access to preventative check-ups and possibly dental or mental health coverage.

Buy Visitors Insurance for Visiting USA

Before final purchase of any particular visitor insurance plan, make sure you understand all the fine print and details abould plan exclusions and policy features as stated in the schedule of benefits. Also make sure that the visitor insurance plan covers all the visiting countries, along with list of providers who will honor the insurance in case of a medical emergency. Make a note about set maximum amounts for medical evacuation and treatment needed for severe accidents or routine illnesses. Finally, determine if the third party plan administrator is easily reachable if you need to communicate, even across national borders, various time zones, or different language barriers.

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Buying Visitor Insurance Online

Do not approach buying visitor insurance online with fear, on the contrary, you should be fearful of visiting USA or another country without adequate coverage protection of a visitor medical insurance plan. It is true the field is complex and your options are many, but the more you learn, the safer you will feel. Visitors health insurance is similar to U.S. healthcare itself, and every visitor to USA should familiarize themselves with. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. By making smart choices when you select visitors health insurance, you can avoid difficulties in the future.

If you need to make your visitor insurance more affordable, raise your plan deductible up to next available limit or if you can afford a high-limit, choose the top most limit available. You will have to weigh the savings on your premium against the additional cost of a higher deductible. Your premium will be much lower, but if you need to see a doctor, you will pay more of your own money before the visitors health insurance starts paying.

Certain visitors health insurance companies will charge higher premiums for opting for hazardous sports rider options or will turn down any coverage for certain plan exclusions. Complications in pregnancy and other pre-existing condition coverage in visitors insurance is selective plan by plan basis with many fine print rules, only certain insurance companies offer plans with limited coverage for treating certain pre-existing conditions for visitors to USA.

Purchasing a visitors insurance plan online is easy as you can pay your visitors health insurance preium quoted cost with your credit card. May insurance carriers offer a secure website where all the entered information is directly saved into their datatbase directly. Look on the internet to look for prices on visitors health insurance. This will help you find the most cost effective policy. Try going to different insurance web sites such as, where you can compare quotes from different visitor insurance companies.

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Buy Visitors Insurance Coverage

When anyone is planning to travel to America, when the duration of stay in USA is a short period, or even when visiting any other nation, emergency health care and medical protection are two areas that are extremely important and cannot be ignored. It is extremely vital for every individual or family visiting USA or traveling outside his or her home country to make sure that they are covered with visitor medical insurance. This is particularly important in the western world like the U.S. where costs of medical care are very high. If someone is traveling for the first time or subsequently, it is prudent to ensure that adequate visitor medical insurance is purchased.

Any travel outside home country can be great fun, but it will also be worry-free and more secured when you a visitor insurance coverage for emergency medical care expenses should the need arise. Many people question the reasoning to buy a policy, and it may be too late to buy a plan after the emergency medical situation has occurred. It is not possible to predict everything that may happen and if you are by some bad luck and involved in an injury or an accident, you will still need the required medical attention and care.

The medical expenses and losses you have to deal with can be beyond your financial limits as the costs would be much higher. Visitor insurance helps make sure that you pay what is affordable and are not burdened by medical bills for the health expenses incurred. There are lots of different companies that offer visitor medical insurance, you will need to review visitor insurance plans offered and compare premium quotes to decide what will work best for each individual case-by-case basis.

Once the visa is approved and the airline tickets have been purchased, your visitor insurance policy can be applied online instantly also. On, you will be able to review the different plans offers, understand the cost structure as these have different expenses, and decide to buy the best suited visitor insurance policy. In the process, while you apply, you can give you enough information about the insured individuals, purchase the plan, print the ID cards, include it with other documents that are required before you travel.

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Visitor Medical Insurance, Quotes, Reviews, Benefits Online

Visitor Medical Insurance is not usually a mandatory requirement for foreign visitors to the United States of America (USA) or any one traveling and visiting outside his or her home country. However, each year, millions of people travel beyond their national borders where most often their home country medical insurance, if any, ends coverage benefits. If you are concerned with the potential out-of-pocket expenses that could result from an sickness or illness or any medical injury or emergency while traveling in another country, visitor medical insurance offers medical coverage and emergency services to individuals, families, parents visiting USA, etc and is the best choice for your protection. Get a free quote, review coverage benefits, and instantly buy visitor health insurance online and have a safe worry-free trip to USA or any foreign nation.

Visit the following highlighted links have more information on popular visitor medical insurance plans with comprehensive benefits and provide coverage up to the plan maximum benefit selected at the time of purchase of the plan:

The Visitor Insurance 101 offers information on how visitor medical policies work, reviews, tips and offers a choice of visitor health insurance plans.

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Visitor Medical Insurance Plan

Visitor medical insurance for visitors to USA and travelers outside home country is best understood as a short-term insurance plan that is useful for medical protection against broad range of health related risks due to an injury or sickness is the visiting host country. Visitor health insurance plans take care of medical costs incurred due to accessing healthcare services during the visit in any foreign destination. Unlike individual health insurance plans, the visitor insurance plan is designed to cover outside the travelers home country, hence typically no medical records or medical check-up is required to buy and enroll in a plan.

Visitor medical insurance is designed for needs of short-term travelers and visitors to USA who come for various purposes to the U.S., be it for business or pleasure. It is very helpful as it gives medical protection and peace of mind to both the visitors traveling to USA and to other countries. The visitor health insurance policy typically covers expensive hospitals expenses for surgical needs and diagnostic care. Health care in western countries is different, and if something happens to the health in a distant land without access to the medical plan, there can be more problems. One does not have a clear picture of the monetary rules of visiting country, unless visiting that country frequently and also having practical knowledge of the country. Especially for older relatives or parents visiting USA, there are more chances of suffering from various diseases while you go to other country due to the changing climate or different eating habits, and also for many other health related reasons. Visitors health insurance policy helps in such conditions and some of the benefits included are repatriation of mortal remains, costs of prescription drug, dental fees for sudden pain, emergency medical care and repartition and evacuation, and doctors fees and hospital clinical expenses, accidental death and dismemberment.

All visitor insurance policies will specify specific conditions called plan exclusions, under which no coverage is generally available. When checking-out the effectiveness of a visitors insurance plan, it makes sense to match the list of exclusions with your travel plans. If adventure sports is a part of you vacation, choose a visitors health that typically offers a sports coverage or some sports ride to cover for specific clauses against compensating for injuries incurred due to undertaking high-risk sports. A common mistake made by most first-time policy seekers is overlooking the list of pre-existing conditions. Usually, such medical conditions are not covered since the insured was diagnosed with them before embarking upon international travel. To gain coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions limited to cretin age, certain comprehensive plans with slightly higher premiums are offered.

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Picking and Buying Visitor Medical Insurance

When you are planning a visit to America, or a trip to any foreign country, you have to buy visitor insurance to keep your health protected from medical emergency risks. Visitor insurance may at first glance seem very much as an unnecessary expense to an already strained travel budget. But as unpredictable as life can be, no one plans to get sick or injured when on a holiday vacation, during their study abroad, or while attending a seminar or conference in America or elsewhere. You have to weigh the risks and the odds of you being in one of those situations where you will need medical care against the costs of premium paid for the policy. An important question to be asked is – can you afford the out of pocket medical costs to get urgent hospital care for a fractured limb or even a more serious case if you are more seriously injured, or get a sudden heart attack.

As much as you plan the various aspects of your visit to America, or any other country, taking the time to buy the right visitors coverage policy will ease your mind from worrying about what will happen if you get sick, or encounter some sort injury during the trip. Instead of putting off the process of picking and choosing the apt policy to purchase, it is in your own best interest to finish this task as soon as possible in your travel planning agenda. Take note of any special considerations that will need to be addressed before you go about picking the best suited policy. Determine if you or a family member has any pre-existing medical conditions that you need to have covered. Also check if all the family members are traveling together or embarking on separate dates. Also, make note if you need to address special instances such as smaller children or senior citizens to be included as the insured.

There are lots of different visitor medical insurance policies available offering a wide array of travel health coverage benefits, you want to find the one that is best works for you in terms of costs and features included. To identify the right visitor insurance company, you can review and choose from the top rated plans on the website Make sure you check on the specific company ratings and carefully read all the summary in the plan brochure, you can also contact the insurance agent directly to obtain policy quotes or even purchase a plan online.

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Buying Visitor Medical Insurance Coverage A Good Idea

Visitors to USA or anyone traveling to other nations outside home country is on the rise with globalization and proliferation of the international lifestyle. It has now become common for younger folks to seek a vocation outside their domestic borders, sometimes even settling in a foreign land. This leads to separation of close knit families and the only way parents, in-laws, or other relatives spend time with their kith and kin settled in developed countries like USA or Canada is bring them as short-term visitors.

Many other new immigrants, business folks and other individuals also visit USA for a short term, one thing is common in terms of the need for medical coverage for protection during health emergencies. Everyone loves to travel to distant nations including America at least once in life, or even on subsequent visits. But as life can be full of surprises and no one can predict accurately when and where such a mishap can happen, it is wise to be prepared for such incidents that is beyond the visitors control. Visitor medical insurance is a major way that visitors to USA or international travelers to secure their health and can prepare for the unexpected. Weather you are visiting USA, or Canada, no matter where the destination country is, it is important for travelers to protect themselves from possible medical mishaps during a journey.

Domestic health insurance plans cease to be effective outside national borders, but health risks still remain beyond these borders. Furthermore, many western nations have an expensive medical systems when compared to cost of care in nations like in India, China, Brazil, Russia, etc. It is then imperative then that where medical care is expensive, it is wise and prudent to be insured with a visitor medical insurance plan. This way, your travel budgets will be in control, and that costs do not spiral out of control.

I is common for smart travelers to always buy visitor medical insurance from a company in the destination country, rather than opting for a policy from a home country provider. This not only makes sure that the plan acceptability is not in question, but also ensures all claims are handled fairly in a easy and smooth manner. It has been widely documented that many non-US based companies that sell visitors insurance as lower costs make it difficult for the host country doctors and hospitals to accept unknown foreign health insurance plan. In the hour of a medical emergency, it puts the insured in a very difficult situation as he or she needs to run pillar to post and scramble to assure the provider that they have the required coverage. In extreme situations, this many force the insured or other family or friends to pay medical bills out of pocket until a reimbursement from the home country company can be arranged.

Visitor medical insurance is relatively easy to purchase online on Also, if the country of choice is a popular destination such as USA, one can review and buy a top rated plan that offers a wide array of features at competitive premiums. On, it is easy ways to get quotes or compare different policies with competing plans. A visitor insurance policy is for short duration requires relatively little information from the traveler, no medical check-up is required or any proof of health records to be eligible to buy a policy. Typically, a passport number is what binds the individual to policy, this is what most providers require of travelers as they complete information on the application. This highlights the fact for anyone traveling to a foreign country should do their best to protect their health by investing in visitor health insurance.

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Visitor Insurance: How to Buy

Numerous American insurance companies offer visitor insurance for visitors in USA from overseas destinations. At, visitors can evaluate and compare travel medical insurance policies for visitors from India, Mexico, Brazil, Russia, China (including Hong Kong and Taiwan), Korea, Japan, etc., and buy the apt visitor insurance plan that suits their age group, and other requirements. Visitor medical insurance for visitors from other countries plans vary with policy maximum, benefits, exclusions, deductibles according to the terms and norms of the insurer of overseas visitor in USA. 

There will be a deductible, coinsurance and premium cost in the visitor medical insurance plans offered by various insurers. Deductible will be inversely related to the premium cost in visitors health insurance plan. Visitors to the USA can get free quotes of visitors medical insurance offered by prominent insurers while making a purchase. It is advisable that visitors should compare visitors insurance plans to learn more about different plans. At customers need to complete an online application to enroll for visitor insurance policy for visitors going to USA according to the individual or family age group.

Purchase of visitor travel insurance online for visitors for USA can be completed using a credit card. Once purchase of visitor insurance online transaction is complete, travelers to USA will receive soft copy of the policy document to their address in home country. Visitor medical insurance for travelers coverage will start as early as the day of travel or as per the requirements of visitor to USA or anyone traveling overseas.

A cheap visitors insurance plan or a best visitor coverage policy can be purchased by customers online. Visitors can purchase visitors medical insurance using a credit card on a secure insurance company page.  To purchase travel health insurance customers need to complete an online application by providing required details and the insurance policy documents will be received either at their email address or will be mailed after the successful transaction.

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Who Can Buy Visitors Medical Insurance?

Each year millions of visitors and travelers come to the United States or Canada or any other nation for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is visiting family and friends who are currently reside in the United States or Canada or any other visiting country. If you are unfamiliar with visitor health insurance you may find the entire concept a bit confusing. There are several different forms of visitor medical insurance and hundreds of visitor insurance policies from which to choose. If there is a language barrier which adds to complexity of purchasing insurance some travelers choose to not even bother with visitors insurance coverage. Unfortunately many of these visitors to the United States or Canada don’t really know the risk they are taking by traveling uninsured as the health care costs are very high, and even a single hospitalization can lead to financial catastrophe if you are not able to pay the hospital bills for the visitor who you have sponsored a visitor visa. The focus on visitors medical insurance helps you understand what it is, why it is needed and who can buy the insurance plan.

Why Buy Visitor Medical Insurance?

Anyone visiting the United States and Canada, or just about traveling outside their home country should look to purchase visitors medical insurance as an safe and worry free option too cover their health in a foreign land in the even of any medical emergencies or other health related mishaps. This includes visiting relatives, tourists, business travelers, immigrants and international students. It is also possible for a relative or any other contact abroad in the United States or Canada to buy a policy plan on behalf of the visitor or relative coming to the country, and list themselves as the beneficiary i.e. whom the insurance company will make any death benefits such as accidental death and dismemberment (AD & D) benefits paid to in case of an uneventful death of the visitor in the visiting country.

Visitors medical insurance is recommended for anyone visiting the United States or Canada, or any other nation abroad. Each year millions of international travelers come to the United States for a variety of reasons. One of the reasons is visiting family and friends who are.You can find a wealth of information on the Internet including many websites which offer information and quotes for visitors medical insurance policies. It is vital to review not only the policy but also the insurance provider of the insurance to ensure you are making a wise buy.

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Buy Visitors Insurance from Visitor Insurance Services of America (VISOA)

Visitor Insurance Services carries plans from several insurers that have offered the option of purchasing a visitor health insurance online. Visitors to USA can choose from a wide range of visitor medical insurance depending on the duration of stay in America or the frequency of visits in a year, or anywhere outside home country of residence. Short-term visitor health insurance policies for USA are designed for less than 12 month stay. In case parents are planning for multiple visits, annual multi-trip visitor insurance plans help you save a lot of money on your premiums.

Many of the visitor health insurance plans offered by Visitor Insurance Services have a PPO network associated with them. This network offers a huge choice of clinics, hospitals and medical professionals for the insured individuals to seek medical assistance. In case of exigencies, the parents can contact the helpline number given in the visitor health insurance policy document.

Parents Visiting USA or Relatives Traveling To America

Parents visiting USA, or even relatives traveling outside America can quote review buy best the plan for sickness or injury coverage from Visitor Insurance Services. For the first-time buyer, this can get very confusing for many people because there are many complex terms and other conditions or exclusions apply. You should be aware that not all visitor insurance policies offer coverage for acute-onset of pre-existing conditions.

Medical emergency is a situation when a life-threatening medical condition existed, or the lack of medical attention would endanger his or her life, limb or sight and requires immediate medical treatment or has painful symptoms requiring a relieve to suffering or discomfort. Many travel health insurance policies focus on providing coverage for your medical expenses resulting from sudden illness or injuries during your trip, with many policies covering trips from seven days to 3 years.

Visitor Insurance Coverage for Sickness/Injury

Visitor medical insurance is designed to cover expenses due to illness or injury in USA or in any foreign country. Visitors to USA can choose to purchase these plans either before the travel or during the travel. Purchase options are available from 5 days to three years. Parents visiting USA and relatives traveling abroad can also choose between fixed and comprehensive coverage plans. The premiums are calculated based on the age of the individuals, duration of stay and type of coverage.

All the needs of visiting parents are included in visitors health insurance coverage and they are valid in the U.S as well as several other countries. Most of the policies provide for a facility according to which insured people can utilize the services of doctors and hospitals present in the U.S and can also avail the facility of direct billing.

Visitor Insurance Services For Your Coverage Needs

You can contact Visitor Insurance Services or look around the internet for beneficial features and affordable quotes when making a choice of visitor insurance coverage. The Visitor Insurance Services website provide the rating about the insurance provider as well as feedback of other buyers about the quality of services and processing of claims, experience in handling emergencies and the financial stability. Instant free quotes can be requested online to compare the coverage benefits and also find out the premium costs.

Popular Comprehensive Visitor Medical Insurance

Review popular visitor insurance plans for USA visitors that provide comprehensive benefits with coverage amounts up to the plan maximum benefit selected during purchase of the plan:

Low-Cost Fixed Benefit Visitors Insurance

Below listing of cheaper low-cost visitor insurance plans for USA visitors offering fixed or scheduled benefits, are limited or capped per the Schedule of Benefits or Schedule of Coverage as listed in the respective plan brochures: