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Visitors Insurance

For tourists, relatives, parents visiting USA or traveling outside home country.

Visitor Health Insurance

For visitors to USA or for travel to any foreign nation abroad outside America.

Travel Medical Insurance

For international visitors, tourists, students, expatriates, or business travelers.

Visitors Insurance for USA & Travel Medical Insurance for International Tourists, Students & Expats

Visitor Insurance Services of America

Visitor Insurance Services of America (VISOA) offers top-rated USA visitors insurance and travel medical insurance plans. Quote, compare, review, buy best visitor health insurance and visitor medical insurance coverage online for visiting the USA/Canada or traveling abroad outside home country – no proof of health check-up is required, no need to furnish medical records paperwork.
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Visitors Insurance USA

Buy visitor health insurance which is travel medical insurance for foreigners who are traveling to the United States as visitors to USA. Review American visitor insurance coverage from top rated U.S. based service providers, best visitors insurance for parents visiting USA, get instant visitor medical insurance quotes for tourist relatives visiting USA, or even for international travelers.

Global Health Insurance

Global health insurance plans offers worldwide major medical coverage, enroll in an international health insurance policy that suits foreign expatriates, missionaries, and global citizens who live and work longer term in any country worldwide.

International Student Insurance

Buy international student health insurance policy for international students in America, studying in USA on an F1 visa, or outside home country. Plans meets college or university coverage requirements for foreign scholars & students on J1 or F1 visa in United States, or also for study abroad in other countries.

Mission Trip Travel Insurance

Missionary Health Insurance plans offer coverage for treatment or medical emergencies, suitable to the needs of missionaries undertaking social good causes or religious mission trips to the USA, or globally, available as both annual major medical or short-term policies.

Visitors Insurance for Parents

Elder relatives or parents visiting USA need to review and purchase best visitor insurance for parents, senior citizens traveling to the United States from India need travel insurance for USA visitors from India, protects them for sickness or injury while visiting America or Canada.

International Health Insurance

Expatriates living and working in America or any foreign nation need coverage without borders. Get instant international health insurance quotes from several top-rated U.S. based providers for individuals and families residing overseas, annual long-term coverage are major medical plans and suit specific coverage needs.

International Student Medical Insurance

Foreign students studying in the USA on a F1 or J1 visa need to review and purchase international student insurance as they need the mandatory coverage designed for scholars enrolled full-time here in America or even in other nations outside the student home country.

Travel Medical Insurance

US citizens traveling overseas or foreign nationals traveling abroad outside America need coverage for illness/injury or medical emergencies. Get instant travel medical insurance quotes from several top-rated U.S. based providers for individuals and families traveling to any nation outside home country. Plans also meets Schengen visa requirements for Europe travel.

Not sure which is the right policy to pick with the features and benefits your want, to best suit your coverage needs, and still stay within your budget?

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Visitor Insurance Provider Companies

Visitor Insurance Services of America LLC works with top-rated U.S. based visitor insurance providers offering both the best comprehensive visitor medical insurance plan choices for parents visiting USA, affordable and cheap/low-cost fixed benefits visitor health policies, with a wide selection of visitors insurance with featured visitor insurance for parents benefits/options, providing visitor medical insurance coverage for visitors to the U.S., or medical for international travelers needs. Contact Visitor Insurance Services of America (VISOA) today, with our trusted and quality customer service, we can help you find the best visitor insurance plan that suits your exact visitor insurance coverage needs!

Visitor Medical Insurance for USA Visitors & International Travel Insurance for Tourists

Buy visitor medical insurance plan for visitors to USA & travelers to America, as visitor insurance policies are designed to provide health coverage for medical expenses incurred due to sickness or injury while visiting USA from foreign countries such as India, China, Canada, Brazil, Mexico, etc. Medical bills and related eligible expenses at U.S. providers are not cheap, and healthcare costs for sickness or illness, injury or accident in United States can lead to financial burden and undue stress for the visiting individual and/or immediate caregiver family living in USA. Relatives visiting USA or parents from India who are USA visitors absolutely need to purchase coverage for parents visiting USA. It is very important to review visitors insurance plans and purchase adequate visitors insurance coverage for them for the entire duration outside home country.

A visitor health insurance policy helps immensely, and no medical check-up exam or proof of medical records is required before applying and for enrollment into a qualified US visitors insurance plan that covers hospital expenses, doctor fees, and prescription drug charges, medical evacuation and repatriation benefits are included also. Many US visitors insurance plans offer direct cash-less settlement of claims, and health care providers can directly bill the insurance company for the eligible medical charges. Insurance claims support is available 24/7, 365 days of the year, and customer service is supported by American visitor insurance company which is a business based in the USA.

US visitors insurance provides medical protection for short-term visitors to USA by insuring any risk of unforeseen medical expenses while in the US, the visitor health insurance for foreign visitors to USA also offers coverage for tourists while visiting America, or during international travel abroad. Insurance providers have designed an array of visitors travel insurance plans specifically for visitors and travelers worldwide that feature basic fixed to comprehensive benefit. The visitors insurance plan premium cost depends on many factors including the age and gender of the applicant, choice of basic fixed benefit or comprehensive coverage opted, maximum benefit amount, and any optional riders included.

In the United States of America, international tourists on a US B2 visitor visa are not eligible to purchase domestic health insurance plans and specifically need to review/buy USA visitor insurance or travel medical insurance plans, which are not subject to the minimum coverage requirements of the Affordable care Act (ACA or Obamacare).

Visitors Insurance Client Testimonials

Thank you letters and appreciation emails from our current and/or past customers providing client testimonials about the quality of our service and products offered. If you would live to read and provide reviews of our service, please visit the reviews page for independent and trusted review websites.

Great customer service, We went from quote to order in less than 15 mins.

– Sanju J., United States

Quick, precise feedback and information on customer’s insurance needs.

– H. S., United States

Jay is very clear in explaining the terms and very helpful.

– Anna T., Dallas, Texas, USA

Thanks for your detailed explanation of the various plans and their benefits. It has really helped me make up mind as to what policy I should get for my parents visiting USA.

– Kiran N., Columbus, Ohio, USA

Thank you for the help finding the best visitors insurance for parents visiting USA from India. This visitors insurance medical protection has offered close to worry-free holiday for me and my family to enjoy their stay in America. These time tested option of visitor insurance for parents visiting USA with many offering direct, cashless USA claims settlement for visitor health insurance provide a boon to visiting parents and their host families. We will surely recommend your services to relatives and friends who would also benefit.

– Mrs. S. Patel, California, USA

My parents were visiting us and I needed to find a visitors insurance quickly. Your website makes the process of getting a visitors insurance quote and buying a policy online so easy. I was able to navigate to the process and find the plan exactly. Thanks again and will surely use your services in the future also.

– Raj K., Washington, USA

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