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Visitor medical insurance is ideal travel health insurance coverage for short-term visitors and tourists to USA, it meets the needs of parents and other family members visiting first time or on subsequent visits. The medical expenses even for a minor sickness or injury compared to host country costs can be very high, and this is even magnified when it involves some kind of hospitalization. You can reduce the financial risk of unforeseen accidents or medical emergencies by buying visitor medical insurance.

Medical emergency is a situation when a life-threatening medical condition existed, or the lack of medical attention would endanger his or her life, limb or sight and requires immediate medical treatment or has painful symptoms requiring a relieve to suffering or discomfort. Many visitor health insurance plans focus on providing coverage for your medical expenses resulting from sudden illness or injuries during your trip, with many policies covering trips from as short as even 5 days.

Visitor health insurance pays for medical costs for unexpected illness or injuries sustained by foreign citizens visiting the US. This includes hospitalization expenses, doctor office visits, charges for prescription drugs, and surgery expenses. It also covers costs for emergency medical evacuation of the injured or ill traveler to the nearest hospital.

Limited or set coverage plans offer a fixed benefit amount for each medical condition as listed in schedule of benefits. With limited benefit plans, the benefit limit is typically lower than the maximum amount assured by the policy. Comprehensive coverage plans are not limited by each medical condition and cover amounts to the policy maximum, and the insured are eligible for rates within the PPO network.

Visitor insurance plans are available to any visitor to the US, irrespective of their purpose of visit, be it business, tourism, study, or immigration. Many times, visitors to USA do not realize the importance of visitors medical insurance until an accident or illness has already struck. This is too late to purchase a visitor health insurance policy after the medical emergency event. These unforeseen problems can not only ruin а vacation, but also deplete the individuals or families finances. This is why it is so important for travelers to America to protect them with visitors insurance.