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Best Visitors Insurance for Parents visiting USA

Parents visiting USA from countries like India and China has increased in recent years with the advent of the jet-age. In this scenario, it is necessary to find the best visitor insurance company providing top coverage in America for senior visiting parents, older aged relatives. One of the basic requests in the quest to find the best visitors insurance is that it has to have the most extensive and maximum benefits with minimum quoted premium costs. There are many visitor insurance providers in USA and also in other countries, which provide visitors health insurance for visiting parents and helps any parent guard against high medical costs in the visiting country.

There are many America visitor insurance providers that offer the best plans with top-notch benefits and very low cost visitor insurance providers in USA and you have to do an extensive research before buying any policy, due to hidden factors and fine print that may be difficult to understand by a layman. Read the plan details for right information available in the brochure on insurance products, as there might be hidden conditions or exclusions which you might not be aware of by just glancing through. Make sure all your required needs are covered in the visitors insurance plan and check the quotes form the insurance company directly. If you come across cheap visitor insurance plans, check the policy as you might end up in more co-pay or may not cover all the diseases or conditions. has listed the best visitors insurance plans from different companies to choose from, based on experience and interview from talking to many visitors and new immigrants and other residents living in USA and purchasing plans for visitors to USA.

  1. Atlas America Insurance is a popular visitor medical insurance for visiting parents and relatives in USA. Atlas America Insurance is for non-American citizens and is one of the popular insurance providers for parents, friends, relatives and tourists visiting USA. Atlas America visitor insurance plans have coverage for emergency medical evacuation, natural disasters, complications of pregnancy and many more. Atlas provides benefits through its wide PPO network. Atlas has many plans for international visitors and in some cases they offer free insurance for dependents child.
  2. Patriot America Insurance is designed for USA visitors and travelers and is popular in USA immigrant comunity. Patriot America visitor insurance offers coverage for a minimum of 5 days to 1 year. They are perfect fit for anyone seeking short term benefits such as students, parents, friends and relatives visiting USA. Pre-existing conditions are not covered in the Patriot America plan and a minimum of 3 months needs to be purchased to be eligible to renew the policy in the future. For even better features, consider the Patriot Platinum America Insurance which adds additional features to the Patriot America Insurance plan by providing up to $8,000,000 of maximum coverage benefit with enhanced features and services, and includes pre-existing condition coverage with age restrictions, also offers global concierge and assistance services.
  3. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive provides visitors coverage protection to parents who are citizens of any nation when they are traveling away from home, and is an ideal insurance coverage option for visitors to the United States and international travelers. Safe Travels USA Comprehensive Insurance is renewable and offers up to $1,000,000 in medical benefits.
  4. Safe Travels USA Cost Saver meets the needs of USA visiting parents and tourists to USA. Safe Travels USA Cost Saver visitor insurance offer comprehensive visitor health insurance benefits and provide access to network of thousands of international doctors and hospitals in its First Health network.
  5. Diplomat America Insurance is for non-US parents and relatives visiting USA. Diplomat America visitor insurance offers coverage for persons age 80 or older and are eligible for Plan A with US$50,000 maximum benefit. Diplomat America Insurance provides accident and sickness medical coverage, travel assistance, and accidental death and dismemberment benefits to foreign nationals while visiting the United States.
  6. Visit USA Insurance is one of the oldest plans and offers coverage for visiting relatives for a duration of a minimum of 15 days to a maximum period of up to 12 months, and benefits are available per incident/illness (each indident or accident in the plan duration is covered to the policy maximum selected), and the policy can begin as early as the next day.
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Best Visitor Insurance for Parents Visiting USA

Every year, when parents or relatives who are living in countries outside the USA and visit their children or other friends or family in the United States of America, there is always the risk of hospitalization for accidental injury or sickness as a visitor in USA. While visiting the U.S. is always exciting, visiting an American hospital without proper health insurance can be financially devastating. It is prudent to purchase the em>best visitor insurance for parents visiting USA so as to ensure that they have a safe and pleasant visit to America as visitor medical insurance coverage offer sickness/injury protection for the duration of stay as a short term visitor to USA.

Review visitor insurance for parents

Finding the best visitor insurance especially when you have for parents visiting USA is important, you can review and buy visitor insurance plans offered by different vendors starting as cheap as USD 1/day, and you get the same rates for the same plans and options sold by the provider also. Comprehensive plan offer coverage upto plan maximum and are slightly more in cost. After choosing the top visitor insurance plan you like with the needed coverage benefits and premium cost to fit your budget, you can buy it online and get instant coverage to start as early as the next day. You can review and purchase the best visitor insurance for parents visiting USA even after the start of their journey to the U.S., as they are still a foreigner needing healthcare protection while visiting the United States of America.

Buy visitors insurance in America

US visitor health insurance for parents visiting USA is available online for review, comparison to find the best visitors insurance, and purchase instantly online. USA visitors and travelers to America need not have to waste much time shopping for visitors insurance plans online. All they have to do is enter the age group and type of coverage required in the application and review the rates from the best visitor insurance providers in the world. Visitor medical insurance review page is designed by providers and offered on is user-friendly and informative. Visitors can evaluate the premium cost, medical benefits, deductibles, plan coverage, etc. among the various plans offered by prominent insurance providers in America. Remember, picking the best visitors insurance plan goes a long way when in time of need.

Best visitor insurance plans

Review and only buy the best visitor insurance plan selection by age of the visitor to USA. Below are the best visitors insurance for parents plan suggestions based on age of relatives or parents visiting USA:

Age below 70 years, best plans for visiting USA

Ages 70-79 years, best policies for USA visitors

Ages 80+ years, best coverage options for USA travel

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Visitors Insurance, Best Plan for U.S. Visitors

Planning to travel to USA or visit any foreign country can be such a struggle for anyone, when there are tons of requirements that needs to be submitted, all with loads of paperwork accompanied. However, one should also not forget that the best plan in all this planning process is the most important requirements that a visiting party should accomplish before visiting USA or during a travel is purchasing the best visitors insurance plan or visitors medical insurance. The main reason that you will need to purchase this visitor medical insurance plan is it is absolutely required, even if it is not always mandatory per the requirements of U.S. visitors visa. Even if you have a domestic home country insurance plan, it will not be able to help you in covering your medical and health expenses abroad, hence to avoid any risk of financial troubles due to such unexpected charges, it is best plan for any international visitor to the United States to get adequate visitors insurance coverage protection. The best time to buy visitors health insurance is before your travel, after your travel plans have been confirmed you have secured your self an airline ticket.

Visitor medical insurance is a form of travel health insurance is designed for visitors or travelers visiting the United States for a short-term, and is commonly purchased by children or other relatives or friends for family members such as parents, in-laws, or others visiting immigrant communities from countries such as India, China, Russia, Brazil, Europe, UK, Australia, South America and South Asia.  Medical fees and any healthcare-related expenses in countries such as the United States are not at all cheap. Visitor health insurance covers unexpected medical fees that can become expensive while the family member is visiting America, which usually involves benefits such as coverage of emergency room admission, inpatient hospitalization, doctor’s office visits, medical surgery,  prescription drug fee, laboratory charges, etc.

Visitor medical insurance have certain limitations and conditions, and understanding the plan can be information overload for many. Most important point to understand is that the visitor health insurance plan will not cover any medical or health expense that is connected or related to a pre-existing medical condition you have conditions. In addition, there are several plan exclusions, which can be found in the visitor insurance plan brochure under the schedule of coverage section. The premium rates that you pay for the visitors insurance plan also depends on the age of the visitor, the maximum benefit amout, and type of coverage chosen – fixed benefit plan or comprehensive coverage plan. Also, many insurance providers and underwriter companies offer travel medical insurance plans with high benefit limits and deductibles. The deductible is the amount that the insured will pay before the insurance plan reimburses the medical expenses for you, and one can lower the premium payed by choosing a higher deductible.