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Visitor medical insurance can be bought by anyone on behalf anyone else or for themselves while as a short-term visitor in USA or other advanced economies with high health care costs such as Canada or Europe. Without the right amount of visitor insurance coverage, the visitor will have a higher risk profile, buying visitor medical insurances can offset this risk and also provide protection from injuries or accidents or even routine sickness. By being covered by a visitor health insurance whenever plan, the U.S. visit is adequately protected and also provides access to the right care at the right time in health emergencies. Thereby, it is highly recommended and essential to buy a visitor medical insurance plan before departing home country.

New immigrants and visitors to USA are not qualified for domestic health insurance plans offered to residents in the United States. It is best to purchase a policy before departing home country, however it is not late to buy a visitors medical insurance even after arriving in the visiting host nation. Visitor health insurance is a temporary policy that covers the insured individual or family for the duration of coverage selected at the time of application and later during renewal of the policy. Visitor insurance covers eligible medical expenses incurred in case of illness or injury, and even for any sudden emergencies. Covered medical expenses include all medical costs like hospital room and board, prescription medicines, surgical treatment costs, medical evacuation, repatriation, and many other included features.

There is a lot of diversity in the medical treatment offered in many advanced countries, however there many insurance companies that service USA visitors and international travelers with visitor insurance plans meeting diverse needs such as parents visiting USA, holiday travelers on vacations, global expats and more. Compare visitors medical insurance plans on to highlight the subtle differences amongst them and make the decision of selecting the best-suited coverage for individual or family needs a no-brainer.

Before selecting a particular plan, always review all the benefit and exclusions as detailed in the program summary and plan brochure. There are two types of visitor insurance plans – fixed benefit plans or comprehensive coverage plans. Fixed plans have set limits to the medical benefits as listed in the brochure, comprehensive policies cover up to the plan maximum, and are more advantages compared to fixed benefit plans. The premium rates in case of fixed benefit plans are much lower compared to comprehensive plans, as the offered benefits are also lower.