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The most important point to remember whenever you or your family member is visiting USA or going a journey outside home country, is the need that you buy a visitor insurance policy. Considering that you are not used to a lot of health issues in any new country, it is good to get ready for unforeseen sickness or related wellness challenges that might surprise you. On the other hand, if you have gone for the visitor health insurance, then you don’t have to panic, know that you are adequately protected.

Visitors insurance does not cover everything under all circumstances. This type of policy, like other insurance plans in the marketplace has exclusions, conditions and limitations. Please read the plan brochure in depth and understand completely before you buy any policy. Generally, most policies do not cover pre-existing conditions, and how this is defined varies from policy to policy. Certain comprehensive plans offer acute onset or sudden relapse of pre-existing conditions up to a limited amount and restricted by age also. Also many other common exclusion include accidents or illness caused by abuse of drugs or alcohol. Also not covered are routine health care check-ups, annual physicals, elective or cosmetic surgery, and follow-up, non-emergency care that could be done in your home-country or province.

Visitor medical plans are not a dental plan for routine dental hygiene, root canal, tooth extraction, also exempted typically are benefits for vision care Many plans limit benefits if insured fail to get advance approval for treatment. Some policies don not cover risky sports like bungee jumping, rock climbing, scuba diving or hang gliding. while a few offer the same inclusive for all insured. Self-inflicted injuries and suicide are not covered, nor are injuries caused while a policy-holder is committing any criminal act.

It should be noted that all the eligible medical costs that may possibly occur due to any accident or injury during the duration of your travel to USA or any other nation, the insured are covered by the visitor insurance coverage. Despite the fact that the package varies from country to country, what needs to be understood is that you are adequately covered if you purchase the policy in advance.