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America Visitor Insurance for Visiting USA

Many individuals and/or families travel to the United States to meet and spend time with their loved family members who are residing in the US. Such short-term travelers include parents and in-laws, as well extended family such as brother, sister, cousins, uncle or aunt, and even grandparents also. Some other business travelers travel on an annual basis, a lot of other individual visit one time to attend conventions or meet clients in USA. One thing common for all these folks is the need to purchase visitor insurance that offers the medical protection and health coverage benefits to deal with an unexpected medical emergency crisis or a routine health related sickness during time spent in USA or any other host country.

Most visitor health insurance plans are designed for individuals and families who are currently residing in the particular country and seek comprehensive major medical coverage. Visitor insurance policy maximum limits can go up to USD 8 million and the coverage options may include prescriptions drugs, and other benefits. If one is planning on living in the a particular country for more than a year and would like to have the same level of health protection that many of the native residents in that particular country procure then this class of plans offer the desired benefits.

Number of US visitor medical insurance plans are available for instant quote and purchase, policies include the Health Management Organization (HMO) and the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) plans. Certain US visitor insurance plans offer coverage for acute onset of pre-existing conditions such as heart attack or stroke, age restrictions apply. A good guest insurance program meets the coverage needs of USA visitors as their home country plans typically cease to be effective outside national borders. To overcome this handicap, US based travel medical insurance companies have designed plans that exactly meet the needs and challenges that are bought by older folks that travel to USA or any other country internationally. is your single stop to review and purchase plans that meet the coverage requirements and needs.

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America Visitor Insurance

America Visitor Insurance provides visitors to the United States of America (USA) with medical insurance coverage and protection from accident, injury and health related sickness due to emergencies or even a routine illness during their stay and travel within the US.

Visitor medical insurance for visiting USA is very important. In the America’s (USA and Canada), health care is not cheap and minor sickness can cause large medical expenses. Serious medical problems can be financially disastrous without visitor health insurance. Visitor medical insurance or visitor visa insurance is required when you have parents or other family visiting the United States. US visitor’s medical insurance plans is required especially for immigrant communities in United States such as from India, China, Korea, Vietnam, Europe, Mexico and South America, other overseas nations. Compare visitors insurance plans offered by top-rated US-based provider companies that insure visitors health and travel in the USA and also outside home country.

Visitors Health Insurance Benefits

Many visitors health insurance plans are available for quoting and purchase on, these travel medical insurance policies offer a broad degree of coverage that includes:

  • Emergency Medical Needs or Evacuation
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD & D)
  • Repatriation of Mortal Remains
  • Hospital, Doctor’s, and Clinical Expenses
  • Costs of Prescription Drugs
  • Dental Fees for reconstructive surgery

Normally, visitors insurance plans provide benefits for hospitalization coverage, visit the outpatient, surgery, and prescription drug costs. Visit the U. S. Department of Health website to obtain more information about health care in the U.S. and be prepared for the high costs with visitors health insurance. You can get visitors health insurance quotes for free, and visitors now can better understand the insurance terms of visitors insurance plans or travel health insurance policies by reading the insurance guide and insurance glossary.

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Atlas America Visitor Insurance for Visiting USA

Atlas America Visitor Insurance plan gives extensive travel medical insurance coverage benefits to non-US citizens visiting and traveling to USA and other nations outside his or her home country. The Atlas Travel series plan program is ideally suited for parents, relatives and other elderly citizens going to USA. Atlas Visitors insurance for USA visitors is for individuals and families or anyone who is visiting USA and/or Canada for a short term duration, or travelling to any other nation outside his or her homeland borders and it best suited for international travel to nations like United States of America (USA) or Canada.

It is a well known fact that visitors to the USA and or Canada, especially senior parents and aged relatives visiting the first time or on a subsequent visit, should include visitor medical insurance as part of their travel planning in order to get emergency financial assistance due to an emergency health situation while visiting these countries. If you are visiting the USA or Canada, it is important and absolute necessity to have the requiste Visitors insurance for visiting USA. without which it becomes challenging to deal with medical emergencies. The price of critical care like any hospital fees, surgery, medication, etc in developed nations like the USA is not affordable. By purchasing the Atlas America visitors health insurance, you can remove the economic risk of an unforeseen emergency or accident and be overly concerned with the cost for the needed protection. Although you may have an insurance policy that you use to visit the doctor in your native country, it will not be accepted in the U.S. And if you try to get medical treatment without having an insurance plan in the U.S., you will assume all responsibility for the resulting fees, which could be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. In that situation, you could save that money by purchasing an Atlas America visitors health insurance plan.

Purchasing the Atlas visitors medical insurance makes it possible for you or visitors to take pleasure in an overseas trip without the worry as it also ensures their safety and security at times of sudden medical emergencies.The Atlas America visitor Insurance policy delivers a host of essential medical services for the duration of health emergencies such as emergency accident, injury, illness or sickness, travel assistance, and accidental death and dismemberment, repatriation of mortal remains, medical evacuation benefits, advanced maternity care, devoted insurance client assistance, optional supplementary adventure-sports riders to foreign nationals although visiting the United States. Atlas visitor Insurance policy also supplies protection for significant medical issues and emergency medical situations which can be economic doom without having appropriate visitors insurance coverage throughout a the visit to the United States. The Atlas travel insurance strategy pays for vital medical charges incurred for hospitalization charges and physician’s consultations, and also supplies immediate medical evacuation and relocation in the course of wellness emergencies, including provisions for emergency ambulances, admission in intensive care units during hospitalization for medical emergencies like usage of life-support apparatus. The Atlas America Insurance for USA Visitors is one of the handful of travel wellness policy that gives benefit amount of reimbursement for an acute relapse or manifestation of a pre-existing conditions as explained in the Atlas travel plan brochure.

If you are from California and when you go through the purchase process for an Atlas America insurance policy, you should not be confused by the message stating that this plan insurer is not licensed by the State of California. What this message means is that the plan insurer is a non-admitted or surplus line insurer in the state of California, and if due to insolvency of this insurance company, the state of California is not able to pay out a liability claim and will not be liable for the claims.

Atlas America insurance also provides reimbursement for terrorist acts, trip cancellations or travel termination or delays or stoppages, due to adverse climate or all-natural calamities. The Atlas America Insurance for USA Visitors strategy policy can be purchased for a minimum coverage period of five days to a maximum of 12 months continuous coverage, after which the Atlas plan can be renewed twice for continuous periods of 12 months each. The Atlas visitor insurance policy plan gives for cashless billings the Atlas provider PPO network. Atlas America insurance permits the traveler to waive the coinsurance for any medical services such as doctors, hospitals, labs, etc., all inside the Atlas PPO network, which is extensive in the US and can be searched by zip code. Right after the deductible quantity criterion is met, the policy pays all the incurred expenses up to the plan maximum insurance benefit covered. The Atlas America visitors insurance policy delivers reimbursement in situations of interrupted and/or cancelled trips. Atlas America insurance policy plan is underwritten by Lloyd’s of London, which is the oldest insurance market in the world, and the program is administered worldwide by HCC Medical Insurance Services which is based in USA.

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Visitor Insurance in USA

Visitor Insurance in USA should always be regarded as an absolute necessity, and should not be considered as an option to take or not to take. Only reason being the costs for health-care are prohibitively expensive in the United States.

Some visitors to United States of America commit the mistake of purchasing insurance from thrir home country insurance provider, tempted by the lower premiums offered by these native country visitors insurance coverage plans. It is recommended to go with Visitor Insurance in USA or  American visitor insurance plans to earn the desirable benefits while needing coverage in the U.S.. Most of the reputed medical care providers and health related facilities in the USA feel uncomfortable when dealing with foreign patients possessing an overseas insurance ID card which they are not familiar with here in the US. On the other hand, American visitor insurance plans are readily accepted and the health care provider listings available in the PPO network for these plans, thus makes the billing process easy and fast, theseby making the entire health care chain happy to provide treatment to you or your loved one.

The visitor insurance for USA must be purchased after making all other preparations like putting visa papers in order and all other formalities. In case, the trip cancels due to some loophole in the preparation, the policy buyer will lose the money spent on availing the insurance plan as well. Another idea is to choose a company, which serves its customers with refund and insurance cancel policies.

Choose the right visitor insurance in USA plan according to your age group since visitors insurance plans are designed to meet the requirements respectively. Compare visitors insurance plans by many visitor insurance providers and get making use of your credit card at Stay secure with visitors health insurance whilst visiting your close ones in the US and make your go to a memorable experience.