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Why should someone visiting USA by land, sea or air, or even visiting any other country, buy a short-term visitor medical insurance coverage to medically protect them by gaining access to health care for accident & sickness for their duration of stay? The answer is simple. It is financially prudent and takes out the risks associated with high cost of healthcare in developed/western nations by obtaining visitor coverage in the form of visitors medical insurance. All travelers visiting countries like the US and Canada ought to buy visitor medical insurance before starting their journey. There are always chances of falling ill or meeting with an accident even though you are outside your familiar environment, cuisine and weather conditions.

Many people visit a foreign country without first considering what would happen should they experience a medical emergency or need health care in places like USA. No one wants to think of this type of medical emergency situation occurring to them or their family member, however that should not deter them from knowing why and what type of visitors insurance coverage you should have when visiting a foreign country. You do not want to compound medical problems by not having coverage to help pay the expenses. Medical care in the United States or Canada is extremely expensive for the uninsured, and even a minor accident, sickness or injury could quickly result in hundreds if not thousands of dollars in medical charges resulting from hospital bills, doctor fees, laboratory charges, etc.

Visitor health insurance will provide financial assistance during medical emergencies and can prevent you from money-related insolvency while abroad, if you cannot meet the hospital bills or other health related expenses. Some visitors tend to ignore visitors medical insurance coverage considering it as an unnecessary or unwanted additional expenditure on the travel budget. However, the significance of visitors insurance will be realized only in the midst of a medical emergency crisis while in USA, and  there is no point feeling bad of the fact that one does not have the right visitor coverage at this time. Although you are in alien environment, it is tough to survive financially if not covered with appropriate medical insurance coverage and you can become an handicap for the loved one you are visiting abroad in countries such as USA or Canada.