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Visitors insurance is a short-term travel medical insurance plan that is purchased by individuals or families who travel to the USA or any other country outside their home nation. The policy includes coverage for accidents and/or sickness and it takes care of a large number of health related issues that may afflict them while they are in a foreign country. The plan can be purchased for as little as five days and is useful for anyone who undertakes temporary travel outside his or her country of residence.

Visitor medical insurance is the preferred alternative to the otherwise more expensive health care coverage that the host country plan provides which may sometimes cover the insured outside national borders. As such, you get to be given the same quality of medical care, or in many cased even better care; you would have received in your home country. The plan is popular with people coming from India, China, Brazil, Russia, etc. It is especially popular among relatives and parents from these countries who would like to visit their family members in the USA or another country.

Visitor health insurance premiums are very affordable and one can easily compare the quoted cost on The price may vary depending on the type of coverage chosen, age of the individuals, and duration of coverage. The reasons for purchasing visitor insurance are many, but access to qualified care in the event of an emergency and the ability to ward of the financial risk of huge medical bills are the primary factors. This helps reduce the financial strain that comes with medical care, and reduced the mental agony of not having the plan also. In addition, since most of the western countries have more expensive health care systems, visitors insurance helps you deal with this risk appropriately.