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Looking for health insurance for long-term USA visitors or for foreign nationals immigrating to the US, look no further, we have many plan from top insurance cos. that meet your coverage benefits and requirements. Global health insurance plans are also available to all nationalities and are designed to offer worldwide coverage (USA and foreign countries) for global residents, worldwide expats, international citizens, worldwide travelers, sailors and cruisers. International Health Insurance policy are typically long term plans and include coverage benefits that do not have a limit on the maximum plan life.

For people working outside home country, there can be many hidden pitfalls to do with the cost of health care. Not purchasing the right sort of insurance before leaving home can result in individuals having to pay very costly medical bills out of their own pocket. International residents can even face problems when temporarily returning home for a holiday. International Health Insurance policies are specifically designed to enable such individuals residing worldwide to provide comprehensive global health cover for themselves and their accompanying families. Each international medical insurance plan offer an extensive range of hospital, medical, dental, and ancillary benefits for members and their families in order to protect them against the high cost of medical treatment while working overseas. The international medical insurance plan also provides them with cover while they are in their home country.

Buy international health insurance plans provide an affordable way to ensure that you’re protected and covered for medical risks, no matter where you are in the world. To assist with the challenge of selecting the expatriate health coverage that suits your needs, provides you with access to many Global Health Insurance plans. Some of the popular plans include Global Medical Insurance, GeoBlue Xplorer Premier/Essential, WorldMed insurance, Global Citizen Insurance, Global Citizen Insurance, etc., all provide coverage on an annual basis.