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What happens when you are visiting children in USA or just enjoying your holiday or international vacation in a foreign country when a medical emergency happens to you or a family member traveling or living with you. You might need an ambulance or helicopter to rush you to the nearest critical care facility in the foreign country. In other instances, you might need a private air ambulance or a block of seats on a commercial airline to accommodate medical equipment needed for your medical evacuation. Further, there might be also a need to get the services of a health care attendant to accompany you in the evacuation process. How will you pay these medical evacuation charges, fees and related expenses? This explains why international medical evacuations can most likely cost you a fortune and be a big financial burden to bear with. Most home-country medical insurance policies have little or no coverage built into the plan for these medical evacuation expenses, or they will not cover you outside the plan home country borders. Visitors to the U.S. may find that their home country plan will not cover medical evacuation and you may need to pay the medical bill for all the medical and other evacuation costs, unless you and/or family are covered adequately under a visitor medical insurance plan.

What is Emergency Medical Evacuation?

Below is the common travel health insurance industry terminology you will find in most visitor medical insurance plan brochures:

Emergency Medical Evacuation: Coverage for emergency medical evacuation to the nearest qualified medical facility or the country of residence, as determined by the insurance company; expenses for reasonable travel and accommodations resulting from the evacuation; and the cost of returning to either the country of residence or the country where the evacuation occurred, up to reasonable maximum limit.

Emergency Medical Evacuation in Visitors Insurance coverage is essential for any international visitor who is traveling outside his or her home country of residence. Many Visitors Medical Insurance plans designed for U.S. visitors include Emergency Medical Evacuation & Repatriation benefits, also provide Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD & D) and host of other benefits included in plan. Popular Visitors Health Insurance plans include optional hazardous activity coverage riders to provide coverage for adventure sports enthusiasts. At the end of the day, the visitors insurance premium charges are less compared to the great expenses that you might incur if there are medical complications abroad.

Comprehensive Visitor Insurance Plans

Consider buying one of the following comprehensive visitors insurance plans and have a safe worry-free travel to USA or abroad:

  1. Atlas America Insurance (comprehensive plan)  http://www.AtlasAmericaInsurance.NET/
  2. Patriot America Insurance (comprehensive plan)  http://www.PatriotAmericaInsurance.NET
  3. Liaison International Insurance (comprehensive plan) http://www.LiaisonTravelInsurance.COM/
  4. Visit USA Insurance (comprehensive plan) /visit-usa-insurance/