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Inbound USA Visitors Insurance is an affordable insurance plan option for visitors to the U.S. including parents or other relatives visiting their children in USA. Inbound USA Insurance plan is a fixed or scheduled benefit or limited coverage benefit plan with benefits limited per schedule to specific fixed amount for each medical treatment/service. The benefits offered are per injury/sickness during the plan period or duration of coverage. The USA Inbound visitor medical insurance plan provides basic medical protection to foreigners and travelers when visiting or traveling in the United States.

The InboundUSA visitors insurance plan offers optional pre-existing condition coverage benefit for relapse of heart attack and/or stroke medical conditions, and is available for 70+ age group visitors to the United States. The plan however excludes preventative care and wellness check-ups which are not covered by this plan, still the plan is an affordable low-cost fixed benefit insurance option and is underwritten by Lloyds, the oldest insurance company in the world. The Inbound USA Insurance plan brochure lists in the schedule of benefits as to what and how much is covered, also included are the plan exclusions as to what is excluded and not covered by the plan. Overall, the plan suits any international visitor looking for basic medical coverage in the United States.