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Visit USA health insurance plan provides comprehensive visitor insurance coverage and is designed for visitors to the United States (US), plan covers upto maximum coverage amount for each incident or accident occuring during the coverage period.

Visit USA Travel Insurance or Visit USA-HealthCare Insurance is ideal for tourists and visitors to the U.S. who come for pleasure, business or study. Plan also suitable for new immigrants to the U.S. Coverage is available for up to 12 months and can begin as early as the next next day. Visit USA Insurance provides insurance coverage for Accident/Sickness Medical, Emergency Medical Evacuation and Assistance coverage in the United States. VisitUSA is a low cost visitor medical insurance for U.S. visitors offers optional high limit Accidental Death & Dismemberment coverage.

Visit USA Insurance covers international visitors who come to the U.S. for pleasure, business or study and to new immigrants to the U.S. Coverage is available for up to 12 months. Visit USA Insurance also provides Optional High Limit Flight and Accident insurance for those interested in higher accidental death limits. Visit USA Insurance coverage can start as early as next day. You do not need medical records or a physical exam to sign up. Visit USA Insurance offers optional hazardous activity coverage which includes medical expense coverage for activities normally excluded from coverage such as motorcycling, scuba diving, skiing and whitewater rafting.