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International Student Health Insurance for Studying in USA

International Student Health Insurance provides health Insurance for foreign students studying at a university, college or school in USA, enrolled for classes full time on a F1 Visa, also covers their spouses and dependants on F2 visas in the US. As an international student studying in America, it is your resposibility to be prepared for any sudden accidents or sickness. Every year, many foreign students need emergency medical treatment and are unprepared for the high health care costs in the U.S. Any hospitalization can lead to financial hardship that can be bad for your study in USA. Buying an international student medical insurance reduces the risk and lets you focus on your studying in the college or university as student guard their health from high medical bills.

International Student Health Insurance is designed for students studying in USA or outside their home country. Non-US citizens studying in USA must carry international student medical insurance to protect themselves for accidents and/or sickness while in USA. An International Student Insurance for foreign students in USA meets the specific needs of students as well as university requirements as stipulated. Most US universities require all non-US students to show proof of health insurance for international students before they are allowed to enroll for classes. offers several affordable international student insurance plans with comprehensive coverage and meet university requirements.

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International Student Health and Medical Insurance

Are you an international student? Compare and buy online cheap student medical insurance that meets your specifice university requirements as stipulated by the International Student Organization (ISO) office at your school or collage abroad.

International Student Insurance plans are designed to the special needs of foreign students enrolled in US universities (on an F1 visa) or Canadian colleges (with a student visa permit). In the USA, spouses and children who are dependents of international students (on F2 visa) are also eligible for these student health insurance plans. International Students (F1 visa) and their dependents (F4 visa) are usually not eligible for mainstream US health insurance coverage because most of mainstream policies require local residency (6 months to 2 years) or permanent residency / US citizenship.

Foreign Student Health Insurance benefits include emergency medical expenses, dental expenses, prescription drugs, pregnancy care and maternity expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, emergency medical reunion, accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D), flight accident or common carrier accidental benefit, home country coverage. All these features in student medical insurance plans help an international student guard their health from high medical bills.

International Student Insurance Review

  • Features for renewals so that periodic premium payments can be made
  • Meets or exceeds most university medical insurance and health coverage requirements
  • Various levels of Deductibles and Co-insurance to suit your needs
  • Possibility of covering pre-existing conditions
  • Maternity coverage after a certain period of time
  • Reduced rates for dependent children
  • Most plans can make direct payments to hospitals and doctors
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Medical Insurance for International Students

International students studying in USA or in any foreign country typically need medical insurance international students to cover their health during their duration of study in USA or outside their home country.

When you are planning your study in USA or in another nation, you would no doubt have to make a decision on where you want to go and which college or university to attend. Many of the factors that would help you determine which college is right for you is similar to that of choosing your college at home. Whatever your situation is, you will need to contact your school to see what your options are. If your school provides you with an student health insurance plan, review the benefits of your international student health insurance to make sure you are familiar with what is covered under the plan.

By purchasing an international student health insurance plan before arriving in the U.S., you can rest assured that you can go to the doctor or hospital of your choice and receive immediate treatment at an affordable rate. Medical expenses are the highest in the United States compared to other nations so be prepared before coming to the Untied States to study. The Study USA insurance plan is widely accepted by many universities in USA. One popular option is the Student Secure insurance plan which can be purchased from one month up to one year, with the option to renew up to 4 years. This plan provides coverage for doctor visits, hospitalization, prescription medication, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation, etc.

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Foreign Student Health Insurance

Each year hundreds of thousands of students study outside their home country. Non US Citizen students studying in USA should know that their domestic or home country health insurance plans will not offer complete coverage once they go to the United States to pursue their field of study or education, at any university, collage or school in any foreign country. Foreign student health insurance is designed to protect them outside the home country of the student in USA.

Foreign student health insurance provides international students studying in a university or college overseas with student health insurance coverage. Review all international student health plans to compare student medical coverage available for international students.

For students coming to the US to study there are several International Student Health Insurance plans that can cover them in the US during the course of their studies. In many cases they have to show proof of Foreign Student health insurance before they are allowed to enroll for classes.

Foreign Students studying abroad need medical insurance to cover them if they fall sick or become injured outside their home country. They also need help to locate doctors and hospitals who can speak their language. US citizens studying abroad can make use of a wide range of student assistance services by purchasing foreign student medical insurance. Medical evacuations can also be arranged with foreign student insurance. The foreign student health insurance plans, we offer foreign student insurance coverage for unanticipated medical expenses as result of sudden accident, ailment, or injury and can offer a host of additional benefits you may need away from home.