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International Student Health Insurance provides health Insurance for foreign students studying at a university, college or school in USA, enrolled for classes full time on a F1 Visa, also covers their spouses and dependants on F2 visas in the US. As an international student studying in America, it is your resposibility to be prepared for any sudden accidents or sickness. Every year, many foreign students need emergency medical treatment and are unprepared for the high health care costs in the U.S. Any hospitalization can lead to financial hardship that can be bad for your study in USA. Buying an international student medical insurance reduces the risk and lets you focus on your studying in the college or university as student guard their health from high medical bills.

International Student Health Insurance is designed for students studying in USA or outside their home country. Non-US citizens studying in USA must carry international student medical insurance to protect themselves for accidents and/or sickness while in USA. An International Student Insurance for foreign students in USA meets the specific needs of students as well as university requirements as stipulated. Most US universities require all non-US students to show proof of health insurance for international students before they are allowed to enroll for classes. offers several affordable international student insurance plans with comprehensive coverage and meet university requirements.