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Many visitors traveling to USA have a choice when it comes to buying visitor medical insurance – buy American visitor insurance coverage or buy a plan from a home country insurer which is usually a bit cheaper. There might be some savings in the premium costs with the home country plan, but the real advantage of buying a plan from an insurer in America is many fold beyond the premium savings, such as widely accepted provider network, direct cashless claim transaction possible, etc. The American consulate in many nations abroad also advises visitors to travel to America covered with visitors health insurance policy purchased from a U.S. based carrier.

It is a wise option to buy a short term visitor health insurance or American visitor insurance plan from a visitors insurance provider company of USA rather than the native home country insurance provider, despite the fact that the premium from the former is a little more expensive than the latter, because many doctors and hospitals in the U.S. are reluctant to accept overseas insurance cards since processing their bills from them can pose difficulties.

Weigh all the options by before buying a visitors health insurance policy, by comparing all available visitors medical insurance plans from different providers – compare visitors medical insurance – and reading the insurance brochure for plan reviews, policy rankings, client experiences, and more.