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If you’re planning to visit USA, visitor medical insurance is the first thing that you need to buy. Visitor health insurance is not mandatory, but always advised especially for the travelers from countries like India, China, Brazil, or any other nation, as healthcare facilities are very expensive in USA and serious medical problems can ruin your budget of your stay in the visiting country.

In USA and Canada, even minor health problems can result into larger expenses. In order to avoid these circumstances every traveler has to purchase visitor medical insurance prior to start of the journey or during the travel. These medical policies are short term insurance plans ranging from five days to three years. The insurance companies offer varied visitors insurance plans providing different medical coverage at different prices. These visitor insurance plans start as low as a dollar a day and fluctuate according to the type of visitor health insurance required. offers several different types of insurance plans to the travelers at very low prices. Every health plan is different from the others and offers different coverage options. The plans from different insurance providers also provides you with resourceful tools and information that helps you in making a purchase decision because most of the travelers are clueless about visitor medical insurance and don’t know which one to purchase. The information provided  is so relevant that you can easily review and understand all the available visitors insurance plans and are able to choose the one that suits you the best.

Visitor Health Insurance plans offer a wide range of travel and health insurance options. We work very closely with all reputed insurers and doesn’t restrict you to choose any insurer and the insurance plan. The main focus of is on helping you to select the plan that suits you best according to your medical conditions.

Visitor medical insurance is not mandatory while visiting USA and Canada, but it has its own benefits in purchasing a good policy. Obviously, it saves you from those lengthy hospital bills and covers your medical expenses. The licensed insurance agent at Visitor Insurance Services of America ( is very professional and easily connects with its customers and establishes good relations with them.