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Visitors to USA and or elsewhere to many other nations across the globe are not always mandated to purchase visitor insurance coverage to offer the medical protection in the even of an unexpected health emergency requiring immediate hospitalization and urgent medical care. Many visitors to USA still purchase visitors insurance to cover risks of a huge medical bill in the event of such happenings to their relatives or parents visiting USA. We need to clear our minds to have the facts and make a pragmatic decision about buying visitors insurance for USA visitors or for anyone embarking on a short-term travel outside home country.

Domestic health insurance plans in America are applicable only for the permanent residents of the US with social security number. Hence, it becomes imperative that visitors to USA need to get the rightful coverage to gain access to the right care in the event of a medical emergency; visitor insurance is specially designed for short-term visitors to USA. Before purchase of visitor insurance from an US based provider, one needs to consider all the pros and cons of such visitor coverage. Visitors medical insurance have exclusive benefits for senior and aged visitors USA, and most comprehensive plans cover all hospitalization expenses, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, accidental death and dismemberment, sudden dental pain and whole lot more.

It is also good to know that most of the visitor insurance providers will not cover all pre-existing medical conditions, even within stipulated look-back periods. Acute onset of certain pre-existing conditions is covered by certain visitors insurance limited by age and maximum benefit amounts. Pre existing conditions is purely based on the doctor’s report which the plan administrator will surely order in the event of a claim, also the persons medical history will be checked from the Medical Information Bureau (MIB), thereby protecting insurers, policyholders and applicants from fraudulent claims. Even if the visitors ignore to mention the pre existing condition, at the time of medical emergency it will be revealed noted in such reports.

Visitor medical insurance can be purchased even while the visitor is still in the host country or even after landing in the USA. If purchased when the visitor is still in the planning or applying stage, it is prudent to buy the policy right from day he/she departs home country to the date of return back to home country, including all nations visited or transited through during the coverage duration. In addition, most comprehensive plans off common carrier accidental benefit along with certain travel insurance benefits such as trip interruption or baggage loss. If the visitor is already here in the United States, most plans offer next day coverage, certain plans may restrict your purchase based on date of arrival into USA, and may require proof of any alternative coverage had during the interim period prior to the new application.

Always have the right perspective and be pragmatic when it comes to purchasing visitors insurance, especially if it is for your aged relatives and senior parents visiting you in America. Be careful in selecting adequate coverage; remember that medical costs can ramp up very steeply even if one is admitted to a hospital for a health emergency for even a day or two. Access to medical care in such situations is paramount and selecting comprehensive coverage visitor insurance plans that provide coverage without scheduled limits on each medical benefit is the way to go. Most importantly, remember that even if the policy is not mandatory, be aware that there is the risk and buying visitors insurance is the prudent way to go about it.