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A senior citizen visitor insurance plan is best suited for elder relatives or parents visiting USA or aged seniors or in-laws travelling to any foreign country, who due to their older age surely need visitor medical insurance coverage for any travel outside their home country.

Visitors insurance is a health or medical insurance policy that is for a short-term duration, and is aptly designed to cover medical expenses such as illness or injury that occur while traveling in another country. Many travel medical insurance plans that offer visitors insurance for senior citizens will cover doctors visits and emergency related hospitalizations. Also, most plans include cover for prescription medication, surgery, lab work, hospital admission, and other eligible expenses. It is also possible to purchase visitors health insurance that will cover emergency dental expenses, as well as other travel expenses such as lost luggage, emergency evacuation, trip cancellation, death and dismemberment benefits in case of accidental death or terrorist attack. The length of the policy can range from a few days to sometimes up to three years.

Many senior citizens may believe that a pre-existing health condition may prevent them from being able to purchase visitor medical insurance. In fact, many insurance companies do offer plans for people with pre-existing conditions, but some may require a certain waiting period referred to as a look back period. This waiting period can be anywhere from six-months to three years.

But many travel insurers will not provide cover for people aged over a certain age. Certain senior visitor plans do provide visitors over 70+ age with reduced maximum benefit option, with premium costs substantially higher once over certain ages. Compare Visitor Insurance plans by age to find the best senior visitor plan to meet your specific coverage needs.