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Many parents and other senior relatives travel to the United States during all four seasons for an extended stay. starting with the spring season, then till late summer or early fall season or the late winter season also. During this time, they stay with their sons, daughters and other family members who live and work in the USA. Extended-stay visitor insurance is a good option to cover them for accidents and sickness during their visit and travel to USA.

Travel can be a wonderful experience, provided you aren’t unfortunate enough to become ill or suffer an accident that is. If you travel outside your own country, and do not have adequate visitor’s medical insurance, it could turn out to be one of the biggest mistakes in your life. Not only could it end up costing as much as a condo, it may even put your health and well being into serious jeopardy. Today, visitors insurance has never been so easy to find, or affordable. So why take the risk?

For those who travel overseas for extended periods of time, or for non-US citizens who spend time in the US, it’s important consider what type of visitors medical insurance is needed prior to traveling. Despite what many people believe, if you are traveling for at least six months at a time, you may not be covered by the same domestic health insurance you have in your home country while traveling abroad as it becomes invalid when you cross national borders.