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Are you or anyone you know is a new immigrant here in USA or any other international location? Do they have adequate coverage for themselves in the new immigrant status? Read more about US immigrant insurance plans offering insurance for new immigrants.

America is one of the largest countries to receive foreign immigrants from nearly every country around the globe. People immigrate to America for various reasons and settle here in USA either with their family or individually. While an immigrant leaves his or her home country, the domestic health insurance purchased back home will be ineffective when crossing borders into USA. In America, the health care system is the best and at the same time very expensive. Being uninsured and facing a medical emergency can jeopardise the entire immigration and new life in the United States. While in the USA as new immigrant, you can purchase immigrant medical insurance get effective health insurance coverage in U.S.

There are several private insurance companies in USA that have designed immigrant medical insurance plans to help the new immigrants. At, recent immigrants can compare several qualified immigrant health insurance policies and select the plan that best suits their individual requirements and needs. The premium cost, medical benefits, inclusions and exclusions of immigrant medical insurance can be evaluated using the compare tool online.

US Immigrant Medical Insurance can be purchased by new immigrants (US permanent resident Green Card holders sponsored by family members or employment based) and potential immigrants (H4 & F2 visa holders). US Immigrant insurance plans can be purchased for as short as 1 month to as long as 5 years. Most of the immigrant medical insurance plans are renewable and are available as monthly, quarterly, semi-annually or annual increments. Immigrants can make a purchase of US immigrant insurance online using a credit card.