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It is important to understand the plan exclusions with any travel medical insurance policy in order to know what medical conditions are covered by the given visitors health insurance plan. The following list describes some of the common policy exclusions for most visitors insurance plans.

Medical Conditions that are Excluded in Visitor Insurance

  • Pre-existing conditions (unless explicitly stated in the visitor insurance plan brochure)
  • Treatment related to any congenial condition
  • Routine pre-natal care
  • Maternity and/or childbirth
  • Mental health related conditions
  • Treatment due to substance abuse or drugs
  • Emergency room charges (unless the patent is admitted)
  • Treatment for venereal diseases such as HIV, AIDS, ARC, etc.
  • Chiropractic treatments and care
  • Routine dental procedures and cleaning
  • Skin disease and other dermatological conditions
  • Routine vision care including eye exams, glasses, contact lenses
  • Self inflicted injuries and/or suicide
  • Acts of terrorism

The preceding list of visitor insurance plan exclusions are only summaries, therefore it is absolutely essential that you would need to always review the policy brochure for details in the “plan exclusions” section, and the plan “schedule of benefits” in its entirety to fully understand the terms of the visitors insurance  contract and the the exact nature of coverage benefit offered.

Visitor Insurance for Pre-existing Conditions

Most of the visitors health insurance plans for visitors don’t cover the medical expenses for any pre-existing conditions or ailment or health issues that existed, or even if  manifested and left untreated, before the visitor leaves his or her home country. The expenses that are covered by the visitors medical plan are generally only for the problems that arise during the current visit. Thus, it is important to avail medical check-up well in advance of the visit and get treated for the same. Also, carry the adequate medications before leaving your native country, as it might add to the cost of purchasing them in foreign. However, there a few list of plans that offer limited or reduced benefit coverage for visitors pre exisiting conditions, please read the post for more details: Pre existing condition visitor insurance plan