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Visitors Insurance USA shields you from the financial burden when you or a visiting family member is hospitalized while visiting the United States. Your foreign health insurance will not be helpful outside your home country. Individuals and families such as parents, relatives and friends visiting USA or Canada or any other foreign country, with or without children, can stay covered for a short-term up to with visitors medical insurance. The plan period or policy duration of visitors insurance coverage varies form five days to three years. Tourists, visiting parents, businessmen and anyone planning to visit a foreign country can purchase visitors health insurance.

Medical emergencies happen when least anticipated, no one can predict with utmost certainty that when such a health risk will be upon themselves or a family member or friend visiting. A medical emergency bill can cripple you if you not covered with proper medical insurance. Medical emergency is a situation when the insured faces life threatening situation due to an accident or illness. If you are however already suffering from a medical condition before your travel, then you should be particularly careful since very few visitors insurance policies provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. The common features of most visitor insurance plans are – in-patient, out-patient and doctors expenses, drugs and tests for covered sickness and injuries. Emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains and reimbursement in case of accidental death and dismemberment are also covered.

There are several insurance plans, and different insurance providers.  There is also a lot of fine print to be understood in insurance plans, and this can be confusing for customers who are not in the insurance industry.  Do your home work properly before purchasing visitors health insurance. Learn about deductibles, co-insurance, coverage period, limits etc, to make an informed decision. Most visitors insurance plans make settlement of claims easy for their customers. They offer direct billing to the medical provider such as doctors, hospitals, labs, etc. who are available to provide services to you within the Preferred provider (PPO) network.  You can make claim by submitting a claim form directly and/or informing the insurance provider using the toll free telephone number on the insurance policy document.  Claims of visitors medical insurance policy are settled according to the terms and conditions of the insurance companies.

Online visitors insurance enables the consumers to evaluate different plans under the same roof. You need not visit insurance companies personally while buying and there is no extra charge for any of the purchase facility provided on our website. Also take time read the visitor insurance glossary for commonly used travel health insurance industry terms and review the visitor insurance guide to update yourself about how visitor insurance plans work

Compare among several visitor insurance providers using the easy to use visitors insurance comparison tool. Compare side-by-side the premium quotes of all visitor plans that an international traveler can purchase for the given age of the traveler and a given travel period duration.