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Visitors medical insurance provides coverage and protection for people visiting USA or visitors traveling or visiting outside their home country of permanent residence. To stay protected from medical expense risks, one needs to purchase visitors insurance for accidental health, emergency injury or common sickness in the USA as the host country. Travelers who visit the U.S. even for a short period are considered international tourists or foreign visitors in USA. Such travelers are not eligible for domestic U.S. health insurance plans while visiting USA.

Given these facts, certain economically advanced countries have mandated visitor medical insurance for travelers. Considering these facts travelers must make sure that, they are insured by US visitor insurance. American visitor insurance plans are specific insurance plans that will cover the USA visitors in case of medical emergency. Visitor medical insurance plans cover the insured for medical expenses in case of hospitalization, medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains and other health crises.

Foreigners and visitors in America come to live in USA or other countries as students, professionals, business persons and for many more reasons. For such residents, their parents, family members or others visit occasionally from India, China, Russia, etc. , health care costs in USA are very expensive and might lead, a USA visitor to an unanticipated financial crises from which he or she might not find a way out. The only solution from such unexpected new sicknes/injury or unforeseen disasters is to be insured with in visitor insurance policy that offers coverage in the US or even abroad. Visitors to USA should be aware of the fact that domestic health insurance is not applicable for U.S. visitors visiting USA. Visitor health insurance policy for travelers from USA plan provides coverage for medical expenses while in USA or overseas for short-term as a visitor.