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All visitors and travelers visiting countries like the US and Canada should buy visitor medical insurance before starting their journey to a foreign country or nation. There are always chances or the associated risk of falling ill or meeting with an accident while you are outside your familiar environment of your home country, cuisine and weather conditions. Visitors medical insurance products fall in to two categories as Fixed benefits and comprehensive. While fixed benefits are more affordable, the coverage is also limited, on the contrary, comprehensive plans while being more expensive, provide better insurance coverage.

Consumers can evaluate visitors health insurance plans by prominent insurance companies before making a purchase. Online visitors medical insurance is highly recommended since there is no need for medical documents while buying the plan of your choice. Choose the plan according to your age group since visitors insurance plans are designed to meet the requirements respectively. Compare visitors insurance plans by various insurers and buy using your credit card at Stay secure with visitors health insurance while visiting your close ones in the US or Canada and make your visit a memorable experience.

There are plenty of visitor medical insurance plans or products available in the insurance market today for international visitors. There are several factors you need to consider while buying visitors health insurance plans. Visitors medical insurance online is the best tool to compare visitor insurance policy and to purchase the plan itself. Deductibles, co-insurance, premium cost, maximum coverage, etc. of visitor insurance products vary according to the terms and conditions of the providers. It is best to Compare visitor insurance online before making a purchase. Once the visitors medical insurance is purchased, the insured will be guided with written instructions about preferred provider network (PPO), list of hospitals and how to make a claim to benefit the coverage. The insured can avail cashless facility or reimbursement of the medical cost depending upon the plan chosen. The claims will be settled by the insurance company after evaluating for authenticity of the coverage. Visitors medical insurance will also cover you in case of war or terrorist activities.

Visitor health insurance will take care of financial burden while you are hospitalized. Your medical expenses, repatriation, charges for medical evacuation… are covered under visitors health insurance. visitors insurance plan is popular with immigrant communities in the United States such as for communities from India, China, Canada, United Kingdom, Thailand, Europe, Mexico, Brazil, and South America. Visitors insurance can be purchased by children and grandchildren for their visiting parents, relatives or grandparents. Although you cannot avoid health ailments or medical emergencies, visitor medical insurance enables the insured to stay worry free from medical expenses during the medical emergency abroad.

Visitor health insurance will provide financial assistance during medical emergencies and can prevent you from insolvency while abroad. Some travelers tend to ignore visitors medical insurance considering it as an unnecessary extra expenditure on the travel costs. Unfortunately, the importance of visitors insurance will be realized only during a crisis and there is no point bemoaning the fact that one does not have proper insurance at this time. While you are in alien surroundings, it is difficult to survive financially if not covered with proper medical insurance coverage and you can become an handicap for the loved one you are visiting.

Three of the popular Visitor Medical Insurance for U.S. visitors such as visiting parents, relatives or grandparents are:
1. Atlas America Insurance –
2. Patriot America Insurance –

  • Safe Travels USA Comprehensive (up to $1 million)
  • – /
    4. Diplomat America Insurance –
    5. Visit USA Insurance –