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Private Medical Insurance for Visitors to USA is the best suited plan for foreign visitors visiting the United States of America (USA) and other countries. Private visitor medical insurance shields you from the financial burden when you or a visiting family member is hospitalized while in western nations such as USA or Canada. Your domestic health insurance will not be helpful outside your home country. Parents who are visiting their close ones in a foreign country can stay covered with a private visitors health insurance. The period of private visitors insurance coverage varies form five days to three years. Tourists, visiting parents, businessmen and anyone planning to visit a foreign country can purchase private visitors medical insurance.

Medical emergencies happen when least anticipated and one never anticipate them. A medical emergency bill can cripple you if you not covered with proper private visitor medical insurance. Medical emergency is a situation when the insured faces life threatening situation due to an accident injury or sickness or illness. If you are however already suffering from a medical condition before your travel, then you should be particularly careful since very few visitors insurance policies provide coverage for pre-existing conditions. The common features of most international private visitor insurance plans are in-patient, out-patient and doctors fees or expenses, prescription drugs and laboratory tests for covered sickness and injuries. Emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains and reimbursement in case of accidental death and dismemberment are also covered.

There are several visitors health insurance plans, and different private visitors insurance providers.  There is also a lot of fine print to be understood in private visitor health insurance plans, and this can be confusing for customers who are not in the insurance industry.  Do your home work properly before purchasing a private visitors health insurance. Learn about deductibles, co-insurance, coverage period, limits, etc. to make an informed decision. Buying a plan online for private visitors insurance enables the consumers to evaluate different plans under the same roof. You need not visit insurance companies personally while buying and there is no extra charge for any of the purchase facility provided on our website.