atlas travel insurance
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Visitors to the United States of America (USA) traveling from other foreign countries outside the US, arrive each and every year to the U.S. for several reasons. Parents or family members of expatriates living in the US or new immigrants in a different country visit their children and grandchildren regularly in USA. Senior parents come from different continents make international travel to the U.S. frequently to meet their close ones. Also, pensioners just after retirement, finally find the leisure time to explore foreign countries including USA.

Visiting the United States can be an exciting and truly wonderful experience. However, a visit to an American hospital uninsured can likewise make it a rude experience.  The quality of the American experience depends on the travelers continued good health. Visitors should keep in mind the importance of visitors insurance while planning the travel that would last for few days or even a few months. A travelers health is always vulnerable due to unexpected sickness or accidental injury , however particularly so during extended travel periods outside your native home environment. To stay medically protected and worry-free as you would have access to the best care, visitor medical insurance is absolutely needed.

Atlas America Visitor Insurance is a visitor medical insurance policy designed for seniors – parents or in-laws, relatives, friends, tourists, and other foreign travelers visiting the United States of America (USA). Atlas America Insurance provides emergency accident and sickness medical coverage, travel assistance, and accidental death and dismemberment, repatriation and medical evacuation benefits to foreign nationals while visiting the United States.