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USA based offers a choice of visitors health insurance, visitor medical insurance, and travel medical insurance plans online for USA visitors, global travelers, foreign residents and international students and immigrants worldwide. Compare insurance plans and buy a plan instantly that best suits your specific needs at

You are visiting the United States, which is one of the most expensive country to visit for health care. If the visitor falls ill due to any sickness or injury during a planned visit to America, then all travel plans may go wrong and can lead to a financial mishap for the visitor and his or her immediate family or caregivers.  A good way to arrange for protection for such unforeseen expenses is to buy a US visitor medical insurance plan. You can eligible for the USA visitor insurance plan if you are any individual or family visiting on a visitor visa, an employee on delegation to a USA job posting for a short term, a trainee coming to U.S. for training, a new international student planning to attend an university to study, an investor seeking new business opportunities in the U.S., or just a tourist who plans to travel the US on a holiday. If the visitor is planning to emigrate to the United States, then the visitor health insurance can also be used until more permanent immigrant or domestic health plan coverage is obtained. Benefits offered by the typical visitors’ insurance plan include accidental death and dismemberment, medical evacuation, medical treatment for covered sicknesses and injuries during the stay, medical evacuation, and repatriation of mortal remains. Some of the conditions that are not included are maternity and childbirth, and experimental medical treatments, certain medical conditions as listed in the plan exclusions.

You can buy an US visitors insurance plan by comparing and reviewing all plans from top insurance providers, which offers medical insurance for a minimal period wherever you are visiting from or for the duration of your short term stay in the U.S. Visitor insurance plans can be purchased for a combo of plan periods, and can be renewed in most cases. A variety of plan periods are available and all these can be revived. Though the typical coverage period for which insurance can be bought is 12 months, this can be extended if the insured person’s stay in the United States is prolonged for any reason. You can buy US visitor insurance online from wherever you are and before you board the plane to the US.  However, it is advisable to purchase the travel medical insurance only after acquiring the visa and buying the ticket, and the visitor insurance coverage cannot start earlier the visitor lands in the United States.