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Every time you visit USA or when you travel to another country, your current personal health insurance becomes invalid and not accepted. To address this situation, you need visitors health insurance to defray the travel health risks associated with medical sickness or accidental injury in USA or in the visiting nation. These visitor medical insurance plans cover the medical bills and eligible health costs in these visiting countries to receive health care for the injury sustained or illness contracted. Visitors insurance is a particular type of travel medical insurance, including certain trip insurance benefits such as baggage protection and more. If your traveling to multiple countries outside your home country, most visitor insurance plans will cover your visit in all these nations once you depart your home country.

You might question if you really need visitor health insurance. The answer is a simple and straightforward yes, since visitor medical insurance protects you from health risks when visiting USA or traveling abroad, such as when you are involved in an accident or a fall or any medical emergency. Visitors insurance is the only way to avoid the oppressive legacy of medical bills that you have to deal with much after the care is recieved when travelling without appropriate visitors insurance coverage.

What is good about this kind of visitors insurance is that you can purchase coverage and recieve protection benefits as long as you need to stay protected in a foreign land. Policies can be estimated by the length of time as a visitor to USA or traveler abroad. Coverage can be purchased a matter of months a few days and can be extended for upto three years depending the policy selected. However, if you want to visit for an extended period, you can look at the long-term global health insurance.

In anticipation of your visit to USA, it is always a good idea to buy visitor health insurance prior to travel to United States. However, if you are already here as a visitor in the US, some visitor insurance plans will allow you to purchase coverage even if in the destination country. Visitors health insurance gives you acces to the medical establishment in USA. When traveling within USA, it is a good idea to keep the details of the policy along with your passport and other important documents. However, if you need medical care, all you need is the toll-free number of the plan administrator to obtain pre-certification of claims and the customer care representaives will guide you in locating the nearest and best facilities which are within the PPO network.

Please read the visitors insurance FAQ for more information.