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Visit USA Insurance or Visit USA HealthCare is a low cost medical insurance for U.S. visitors coming to the USA or visiting America, the temporary coverage provides protection from high US health care costs during the visitors overseas stay. The plan covers the visitors stay abroad in the US and protects from sickness/illness and accident expense. Get instant travel coverage for your trip when you Buy Visit USA Insurance online.

Visitor to US must be aware of health care system which is expensive and the importance of visitor health plan. Travel medical insurance is a prime necessity to be safe from unanticipated financial crises. Moreover they have mandated health insurance for visitors to the US. Travelers to the US can not avail from home land insurance while visiting the United States. Visitor medical insurance issued in a foreign country may not be accepted by doctors and hospitals in America. Visit USA visitor insurance is one of the renowned health insurance plans offered by AIG Assist, Houston, Texas for affordable amount. Visit USA-HealthCare is underwritten by the Insurance Company of the State of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, A++ rated by A.M. Best Company and a member of the American International Group of Companies (AIG). Claims are adjusted by AIG Life Insurance Company, Wilmington, Delaware.

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