atlas travel insurance
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The United States of America is a popular travel destination for travelers from around the world. Every year, several short term visitors come to USA in the pursuit of academic excellance, business opportunities or simply to tour and explore the magic of beautiful natural and manmade sights in America. Any trip to USA must be the result proper consideration to the visitors health in America, careful preparation and information planning is needed on this front. This will ensure that no unforeseen emergency medical care could put the whole trip and a considerable amount at risk in travel investments for the visitors.

Atlas America insurance offers comprehensive visitors health coverage solution for medical care and rescue services at very reasonable costs. Atlas America insurance offers rapid claim processing for injuries or sickness during the visit in America, where the quality of care and the doctor fees is extremely expensive. The Atlas travel insurance policy can favour any foreign citizens traveling to America for a short term. The insurance cover takes a minimum period of 5 days to a maximum duration of 12 months, and can be easily renewed online to extend the coverage dates.

Atlas America provides travel health insurance provisions to ensure emergency medical service and rescue teams, with life support equipment and main intensive care unit of hospitals for medical emergencies, to provide instant care for the visitor during an emergency in America. It also provides a sufficient compensation for terrorist attacks, medical reunion, trip interruption, travel delay due to adverse weather conditions or natural disasters. Atlas America visitors insurance offers a range of essential medical services during the public health. The policy shall bear the costs for housing and essential expenses including medical consultation, and is also instrumental in meeting the costs such as laboratory fees and charges for hospital services, nursing care and inpatient ward admisssion.

Atlas America insurance provides immediate medical evacuation and repatriation of the insured to his or her home country. The Atlas travel medical plan covers a list of eligible conditions, which would qualify for the refund policy for interrupted travel or canceled trip in USA. Atlas America visitors insurance is a policy that offers an amount for coverage a previous acute disease. Common coverage benefits include some essential services, such as the repatriation of remains, emergency care, USA customer support and offers optional adventure sports rider to policy. The Atlas travel plan offers cashless billings through its vast PPO network of health care providers in America. All claims processing for Atlas visitor medical insurance is processed here in USA itself by experienced claim administrators.

Atlas America Insurance enables insurance waiver for medical attention sought within the network. After the deductible is met, the bill includes the required costs upto the plan maximum. Backed by the underwritor Lloyd’s of London, the Atlas America visitors insurance is a popular plan for visitors to USA.