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Visitor medical insurance for foreigner nationals visiting USA is specially designed to meet the travel medical insurance requirements of visitors to USA or any foreign country outside visitor home nation. Visitor Insurance, also called as travel medical insurance or travel health insurance, provides coverage for a wide range of medical and non medical expenses incurred during an unforeseen emergency as a visitor in USA or outside of the home country.

Visitor insurance plans are available for the international travelers as fixed and comprehensive benefit plans and customers can choose any of the plans. The coverage period under these two categories of visitors health insurance vary according to the plan chosen. Insurance customers can get quote of visitors insurance plans by providing their age and duration of coverage in the compare visitors medical insurance tool.

USA visitors or international travelers can compare and buy medical insurance for visitors. the purchase process at for visitor health insurance policy is quick and very simple. Visitors or anyone on their behalf can enroll for visitors insurance plan by completing an online application. After choosing the correct visitors insurance policy that meets their coverage needs, customers can use a credit card to complete the online transaction for purchase of the visitor medical insurance plan. Review the insurance plan brochure to learn more about any visitor medical insurance plan featured on