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Canada Super Visa Visitor Plan requires Private Health Insurance Coverage

According to the Canada Citizenship and Immigration department, the Canada super visa will be open to would-be visitors to Canada as well as to individuals already in the queue for Canadian permanent residency who have demonstrated they have financial support while in Canada and have medical clearance and private health insurance as a visitor to Canada.

The Canadian federal government has prioritized the family reunification system by boosting the number of parents and grandparents accepted into Canada and introducing a new super-visa for extended visits. The Canada super visa plan calls for the admission of 25,000 parents and grandparents in 2012, 10,000 more than 2011 targets and the highest level in nearly two decades.

The federal government is planning to introduce a “super visa” that will allow the elderly parents and grandparents of immigrants to stay in Canada for prolonged periods of time without becoming permanent residents. Because the new type of visa does not afford the same privileges of permanent residence, processing times should be shorter, allowing the government to curtail the backlog of immigration applications for the elderly visitors to Canada. Read the FAQs on visiting Canada from the Canadian government website. carries several plans that are suitable to visitors to Canada and provides visitors to Canada insurance and meet the reuirements.