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The way visitor medical insurance plans are designed and works can be difficult to understand for somebody outside the insurance industry. There are several plans, each with different range of maximum coverages, deductibles and limitations. Selecting one policy over another can be confusing. At we provide utilities that so that you compare objectively information about different major insurance plans, and purchase a plan that you feel to be most appropriate. Using, customers can easily compare visitor insurance plans, obtain free insurance quotes, and buy online for instant plan directly using a credit card with our visitor insurance comparison tool.

US visitors health insurance, also known as visitors medical insurance, is absolutely required while traveling to countries like United States of America (USA), Canada, United Kingdom (UK), Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, Europe etc. It can be financially catastrophic in the event of a medical emergency while traveling in these advanced countries due to some of the many reasons we have highlighted below.

  • Visitors and new immigrants are not eligible for local health insurance plan
  • Health insurance is required to maintain legal visa status, such as US J Visa, F1 Student Visa
  • Hospital costs in developed countries like USA, Canada, UK, are not inexpensive
  • Get visitor insurance to help pay for unexpected doctor/hospital bills
  • De-risk yourself & protect your family to have a worry-free stay abroad
  • Immediate medical help in case of a medical emergency during visit abroad
  • Simple claims procedure directly with the insurance provider, who will also assist you

The traveler outside home country will reduce the financial dangers rising from any unforeseen accidents or medical emergency by purchasing visitor medical insurance. has developed online tools that will allow you to get free visitor medical insurance quotes, clearly comprehend insurance terminology in the insurance glossary, and review the answers to frequently asked questions regarding visitor insurance. Customers can also contact us regarding any visitor insurance related queries. At, we try to provide you with all the relevant information in an easily understandable manner. Our products range from the most affordable to the most comprehensive and visitors/travelers can select plans according to their individual preference. We provide professional customer servive for visitor medical health insurance, global health insurance and immigrant insurance.