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Pre-Existing condition or conditions is considered any injury, illness or medical condition or conditions which meets any of the following criteria: (1) condition or conditions that would require a person to seek medical advice, diagnosis, care and / or treatment prior to the Policy Effective Date, (2) manifestation of condition or conditions for which medical advice, diagnosis, care and / or treatment was recommended, received, and / or noticed prior to the Policy Effective Date.

As a health insurance industry standard, the pre-existing condition is determined based on the attending physician statement (from the same Doctor who treats the individual at the Hospital or Clinic or Emergeny Room), past and present Medical Records, patient Medical History, and the Nature of the treatment and condition.

Short-term visitor insurance plans typically exclude coverage for pre-existing conditions. Visitor medical insurance plans also do not cover physical checkup and preventive care. There are certain limitations and conditions in every visitors health insurance plan and understanding how they work can be a challenge many folks not familiar with insurance wording and terminology. The most common and important one to know is that the visitor health insurance plan will not cover any medical or health expense that is connected or related to a pre-existing medical condition you have conditions such as heart disease. In addition, there are several insurance providers that offer many plans, which may vary from the basic to the most advanced coverage. The premium rate of the travel medical insurance plan will also vary with accordance to your age, the amount and type of coverage you chose among other things.

There are few visitors health insurance plans that offer a limited benefit amount for pre-existing conditions and are available for certain age groups only, please read Pre-existing Condition Visitor Insurance for further details to find the visitors insurance best plan. Pre-Existing condition should not be confused with Visitors Insurance Plan Exclusions, which are certain medical conditions the most visitor medical insurance and travel heal insurance plans generally exclude from offering any coverage benefits all.

For more information, please read the Insurance Frequently Asked Questions.