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Global Medical Insurance is a long-term worldwide medical insurance for individuals and families who work and live outside their home country or country of citizenship. Global Medical Insurance can be the perfect global health insurance plan solution for long-term travelers, foreign residents, and expatriates are looking for health coverage beyond their home country borders for an extended period of time.

Global Medical Insurance is a perfect for recently-immigrated individuals in the U.S. who need coverage until they qualify for a traditional domestic health insurance plan. The policy also is an ideal solution the many American citizens who work and live outside America for prolonged duration. The plan is ideally suited and specifically designed for:

  • Coverage for individuals or families living or working abroad
  • Contract employees living and working abroad
  • Seniors with dual residencies six months or longer outside the U.S

Global Medical Insurance offers four unique plan designs: Silver, Gold, Gold Plus and Platinum. It also allows you to choose your area of coverage as worldwide or worldwide excluding the U.S., Canada, China, Hong Kong, Japan, Macau, Singapore, and Taiwan. Optional riders include Global Term Life Insurance, Global Daily Indemnity, Maternity, Terrorism, and Sports rider. For family with children, the premium covers first two children with ages between 14 days and 9 years at no additional quoted cost for the first year.

Global Medical Insurance offers wide array fo long-term medical benefits as detailed below:

  • Flexible, comprehensive medical coverage
  • Choice of coverage levels
  • Select from multiple deductibles options
  • Choose from several payment modes
  • Flexible underwriting options to fit your needs
  • Annual renewability to extend coverage duration
  • Freedom to choose your provider
  • Access to two extensive provider networks
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation and other evacuation benefits
  • Medical Concierge Program with unmatched international services
  • Medical professionals to coordinate your care
  • 24 hour access to information

The policy is underwritten by Sirirus International, and is administered in the United States and globally by International Medical Group (IMG).