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Millions of people from all over the world visit the United States every year. Many come for business, specialized training, or university study, not to mention thousands of vacationing tourists, countless relatives and patents visiting USA to be with family that work and live in USA. For US visitors, a serious injury or sickness while visiting USA can lead to unexpected medical expense which can interrupt travel plans and possibly crippling travel budget, adding the unwanted stress that a financial mess can bring on. Severe medical emergencies requiring immediate hospitalization can drastically affect return to home country, leaving visitors stranded in USA or any other host country. Visitors health insurance for USA visitors and travelers can help alleviate the potential financial strain of an unexpected medical emergency.

Visitors health insurance functions much like any other standard healthcare plan available for US residents for the most part. The travel medical insurance policy pays a majority of covered medical expenses incurred during an individual’s stay in the US. These include most hospital and doctor office treatments, prescription medications, and laboratory tests, etc. which are covered typically after a reasonable deductible and/or co-insurance is met. Expenses for emergency medical evacuations and repatriation of mortal remains are often included by most plans, these features help the covered individual and/or family if they need emergency travel back to their home country.

Currently, visitors medical insurance is not manatory for all visitors to USA, but certain U.S. consulates could require proof of visitors insurance in USA for those wishing to apply for a U.S. visitor visa. Most travel health insurance plans follow the Usual, Customary and Reasonable (UCR) model used by health insurance industry for all claim reimbursements that are submited to the plan administrator. Many visitors insurance USA plans offer direct cashless billing for claims sumbited within the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network.

Whether simply purchased to provide peace of mind or required for a specific reason for travel to the USA, visitor health insurance protects visitors to USA and global travelers from costly unexpected medical expenses. Rather than worrying over finding quality healthcare in USA or any foreign country or arranging the cash to make bill payment of unexpected medical costs, visitors can rest assured knowing such expenses and difficulties are handled. If you are planning to visit the US, before you travel to the US, visit safely and with the medical protection coverage for visitors to USA for exceptional peace of mind by purchasing US visitor health insurance today.