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Visitors health insurance terms can be easily confused by the first time visitor to USA or any other nation outside home country. Visitors to USA can read some of the below terms used by many visitor medical insurance plans that cover individuals and/or families that go to USA or elsewhere. A basic understanding of key terminology used in the visitors medical insurance industry goes a long way in selecting the most apt plan to medically protect the guest with exact needed coverage features and benefits in the host country.

Direct Billing or Reimbursement: Most insurance companies will have a PPO network that they have leased. Its always better to go to in-network providers as you will get a must better negotiated rates. Check to see if your expenses are covered up front or if you pay and get reimbursed later.

Medical Evacuation and Repatriation: Most visitor medical insurance policies has medical evacuation coverage included. Coverage for repatriation of mortal remains in the event of death in the host nation is also a benefit that is included in many visitors insurance plans. Check the schedule of benefits table in the plan brochure to determine exact amounts for these included benefits.

Common Carrier Accidental Benefit: Most comprehensive visitor insurance plans offer this benefit whereby if the visitor buys coverage right from the day they depart home country up to the day they return to their homeland, the named beneficiary will be compensated upto the stated amount for any covered in-flight mishap that occurs enroute on the commercial airline.

Hazardous Sports Rider: Find out what hazardous sport activities are covered and weigh that against your recreation plans. This is an optional rider to the policy that you have to opt-in, remember that premium quoted costs will increase by 20% usually if you choose to have coverage for certain sports such as skiing, river rafting, etc. Read the plan brochure for all included sports activities with this rider.

Trip Insurance: If you have planned an expensive trip, make sure to buy trip insurance that will pay if the trip is cancelled for some reason. A good example would be if you have non-refundable flight ticket and you get sick on the day of your flight, the coverage will cover the lost money for the flight.