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If you plan to visit the United States as a visitor to USA on a visitor visa, you should also consider getting accident & sickness medical insurance in the form of US visitor insurance for the duration of stay as a visitor in the US.

While planning on visiting USA, generally, the visitors visa is a mandatory permit that should be possessed by you before entering the U.S. and is checked at the port of entry. The visitor visa can be obtained by completing an U.S. visitor visa application and submitting the completed application form by the visitors at nearest U.S. embassy office in the traveler home country. Those who are visiting the USA for a short period or duration are considered as visitors and are required to apply for a visitors visa or B2 visa which will be issued for them upon acceptance. The US consulate has mandated visitors medical insurance coverage protection for the visitors from certain countries staying in the United States for even a short period. USA visitors can purchase visitor medical insurance in the form of visitor visa insurance, which is issued by visitor insurance providers based in the USA.

Some of the general features of USA visitors visa insurance are coverage for hospital expenses, physician fees, laboratory charges, common carrier death benefits, accidental death and dismemberment, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, etc. while in the USA. After selecting the plan that best suits their specific coverage needs, visitors can pay the premium cost for visitors insurance using a credit card and complete application for instant purchase. An confirmatory email along with virtual I.D. cards is emailed, if offline fulfillment method is selected during the buy process, with visitors insurance coverage beginning as early as the following day or as per the date requested by the travelers.

The visitor medical insurance industry in the USA is vast and there are several visitor visa insurance providers in the market who offer visitors health insurance plans. At, visitors to USA can access the free quotes and choose the appropriate plan that could match their individual requirements. Evaluation of plans online enables the travelers to understand the difference between the premium costs, medical benefits, coverage period of various plans offered by prominent insurers.