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Canadian health system does not cover people visiting Canada. Travelers, tourists, international students, skilled workers and other visitors to Canada need visitors medical insurance Canada plans providing coverage in Canada to protect against unexpected medical costs in case of health emergency during their visit. It is prudent that relatives or friends of visitors to Canada should ensure that their Canadian visitors have valid Canadian visitor health insurance.

Visitors to Canada Insurance covers anyone who is visiting Canada, and can be shopped online since they can easily compare Canada visitor medical insurance plans before making a purchase. While comparing Canada visitors insurance plans one should enter their correct age because the benefits and exclusions are largely based on the age of the visitors. Senior citizens who are visiting the Canada can select from visitors plans like Patriot America Insurance and Liaison International Insurance plans.  However, the sum assured will be lesser for senior citizens compared to other age groups, especially if the visitor is usually over 80 years old. After comparison of various Canada visitor insurance plans,  travelers can choose the policy that suits their individual or family coverage requirements best.