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With the advent of jet age travel, many senior citizens who are relatives or parents of USA residents, and who are living across different continents are making regular visits to USA and frequently visiting America as a visitor. Also many seniors and pensioners who are just in retirement find the free time available in their hands as an avenue to explore foreign countries. These seniors should plan for visitor medical insurance for the trip to USA that could last from a few days to over several months.

Seniors due to older age need visitors to USA insurance for their travel to America. But many travel insurers will not provide cover for people aged over a certain age. Our visitor insurance comparison tool will find the right plan for your age group. Note that premium costs will often rise quite substantially once over certain ages. The insurance underwriters fear of punitive medical claims can be the reason for non-availability of many plans that cover the increased health risks, as seniors become older.

However, the lifestyle of the baby boomers and elderly are getting younger, and they are living longer and more active. In these days of cheap air travel, it not very expensive to spend a week in an international country than it is to spend it in a destination within one’s home country. Also, a lot of folks over age 70 are now travelling abroad and major travel insurance companies offers plans that fit this age group, but with slightly higher premiums.

With seniors, pensioners, and elder parents living longer and enjoying healthier, active lifestyles, they embark on single trips abroad more frequently. Any trip that involves travel to the USA or Canada will carry a slightly higher premium, because of the higher healthcare costs for medical treatment in North America.

Most frequent travelers find that just a couple of trips a year warrants the price of an annual multi-trip policy, but as the visitor gets older, it will be cheaper to buy a single trip visitor medical insurance plan each time you go abroad. It is best advised that you check and compare the costs of the different visitor medical insurance plans because unless you’re making several frequent trips in a year, the traveler is better off buying a separate visitor insurance for each trip abroad.

Many of the visitor’s insurance plans can be purchased online, with instant next-day coverage and no medical check up required to buy a policy. Please be very careful when selecting a policy that is available, and always compare visitor insurance plans. Please check traveler ages and be aware of all pre-existing medical conditions. You must remember that an insurance company can invalidate a policy if they discover that you failed to provide details of an existing medical condition. Most visitor medical insurance plans do not offer pre-existing condition coverage.