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Nearly every visitor to America, or others who make the buying decision on behalf of family members such as grandparents, relatives or parents visiting USA, or even business travelers, have at some point of time debated as why purchase visitor medical insurance. The medical insurance costs which is paid up front in the form of the quoted premium is nominal, but it helps to remember that in the event of a medical emergency or a health related sickness as a visitor in the United States, it protects the visitor by gaining access to the healthcare system and also forms a shield to stay away from monetary crisis to high cost of care in America. The positive aspects of visitor health insurance plans are many, and these policies are designed by US based providers to suit the needs and specifications of visitors to USA. To purchase any policy, all a visitor should do is compare quotes, review the plan brochure, apply for the desired plan and make a payment to buy it instantly online.

There are numerous private visitor insurance companies in the USA which offer visitor medical insurance with efficient medical coverage options at affordable premium costs. Insurance companies like Worldtrips (formerly HCCMIS), Global Underwriters, International Medical Group (IMG), Seven Corners, Travel Insurance Services, HTH Worldwide are some of the prominent insurance companies, which are known for visitor medical insurance plans. The popular plans are classified as fixed benefit plans or comprehensive plans as listed below:

  1. Atlas America Insurance – HCCMIS, comprehensive
  2. Patriot America Insurance – IMG, comprehensive
  3. Liaison Continent Insurance – Seven Corners, comprehensive
  4. Liaison Majestic Insurance – Seven Corners, comprehensive
  5. Diplomat America Insurance – Global Underwriters, comprehensive
  6. Visit USA Insurance – Travel Insurance Services, comprehensive
  7. Inbound USA Insurance – Seven Corners, fixed benefit
  8. Visitors Care Insurance – IMG, fixed benefit

Insurance consumers can compare features of several visitor medical insurance plans provided by prominent insurance companies on The medical rewards of visitor health insurance plans are coverage for hospitalization costs, emergency medical evacuation, and repatriation of mortal remains, accidental death and dismemberment, emergency reunion while within the USA. Buy a visitor insurance plan for you and/or family visiting USA, the coverage can start the very next day right after the completion of on the online transaction.