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According to a U.S. government travel and tourism report, the number of foreign tourists who visited the US in 2010 was well over 60 million. Many of these visitors come from diverse set of nations around the world, and the reason they come to the United States are many. Short term visitors to USA may need to get a U.S. visitor visa from the U.S. Consulate in their home country prior to travel to the United States. If your home country falls in the list of countries that belong to the U.S visitor visa waiver program, you might be exempted from this requirement.

Costs associated for medical treatment and healthcare related services in the U.S. is one of the highest in the world. It is prudent to cover the risk of emergency sickness or injury while in the USA by purchasing a comprehensive visitors health insurance plan. To have a safe and worry-free vacation, travel, holiday, or extended stay in USA, it is paramount that one is adequately covered with accident and sickness insurance coverage from a reputed visitors insurance provider. The premiums which is quoted during the application process is very affordable and is collected by the insurance company provider, this will pay for the injured or sick visitors medical bills if needed during your visit to USA.

Visitor Insurance USA is best plan for visiting America which can be used for multiple reasons for the visit and in a variety of situations:

  • Foreign visitors to the U.S. who come to visit families, relatives, and friends here in the United States, the host families in the U.S. should get their visitors insured.
  • Visitors from anywhere in the world coming to America need visitor insurance. Currently, certain US consulates require proof of visitors health insurance purchase before visas are issued.
  • H-1 visa holders who as short term employees seek to come to the US to work temporarily.
  • Private or governmental agencies or non-profit NGOs seeking coverage for participants of international training programs.
  • International students who graduated and are no longer eligible for Student Health Insurance plans.
  • J-1 visa visiting scholars coming to the US are required to purchase medical plans with deductible $500 or less.
  • Groups of short term visitors to USA coming on business, summer camp, cultural exchange, profit or nonprofit organizations can benefit with group discount rates offered by Group Travel Insurance plans.