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Visitor Insurance USA covers visitors to USA and travelers visiting America or anyone visiting outside their home country. Compare visitor insurance plans online and buy visitors insurance instantly for next day cover. Over the past decade, the number of visitors from India visiting the USA has increased. Along with this situation, health care system in the United States of America has become expensive compared to the past decade. Staying in the US uninsured is a risky step for foreigners. Medical emergencies can occur to anyone, anywhere and any point of time. To be on the safer side it is always advisable for travelers to purchase a proper visitor medical insurance USA before start of the journey.

You are visiting the United States, which is an expensive visit. But a medical emergency during the stay can upset the entire planning and hike up the expenses for the stay. One way of ensuring that this does not happen is to buy a visitors health insurance plan. Visitors to the US from all over the world can buy visitor health insurance, which offers medical insurance to persons visiting the United States for a limited period. The insurance is usually valid for a maximum of 12 months. Some plans can be extended up to 36 months if the stay is extended.

Visitors insurance USA can be bought online even before traveling to the U.S. However, it is advisable to purchase the insurance only after receiving the visa and buying the ticket. Insurance coverage begins on the date indicated on the US Visitor Insurance card, and cannot be earlier than the date of arrival in the U.S.