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What factors determine the cost of a visitors insurance plan coverage for a person traveling as a visitor to USA? Visitor medical insurance cost (in US dollars) is different for the many plans and configurations available , and the price paid to buy visitor insurance coverage plan depends on many factors such as fixed benefit plan or comprehensive coverage plan, age of the traveler, maximum medical coverage amount limit, choice of plan deductible, travel destination country, addition of any riders such as sports rider, etc. Visitor Health Insurance costs can range from as low as $50 to as much as $1,500 or more on a monthly basis.

Having visitor health insurance can help ensure that you are prepared for the unexpected when visiting USA or any other nation. It gives you peace of mind to help avoid any complications you may encounter while traveling outside home country. Visitor medical insurance can be easily mis-understood and needs to be explained clealy to fully comprehend the costs and benefits of having such a policy. Make sure the insurance agent answers your questions and recommend the right plan for your travel medical insurance needs.

However, you can be sure that by law, any insurance plan product cannot be rebated, hence you can never find a cheaper price for any given plan configuration of the same visitor insurance with any other agent or agency. Always compare visitor insurance plans online to find the right plan within your budget and meets your coverage needs.