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Wander Frequent Traveler Insurance

Wander Frequent Traveler Insurance for Multiple Trips Abroad Annually

Review the Wander Frequent Traveler Insurance, annual plan provides travel medical insurance coverage outside home country, administered by SevenCorners.

COVID-19 / SARS-CoV-2 Wander Frequent Traveler Insurance purchased on or after March 11 2020, COVID-19 will be NOT be covered and testing/treatment will be excluded from coverage. The Novel Coronavirus Disease, COVID-19, was declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO) on this date, hence the exclusion applies per the policy certificate of insurance document.

Wander Frequent Traveler Insurance is an annual multi-trip travel coverage program designed for frequent business and other travelers, plan offers visitor and travel insurance protection for USA visitors or international travelers outside of home country.

Wander Frequent Traveler Insurance offers annual multiple trip insurance coverage for business travelers who need medical protection when visiting USA or traveling outside of home country. Plan includes benefits for individuals and families embarking on multiple trips of duration 30 or 45 days outside their home country, and also offers pre-existing conditions coverage.

Wander Frequent Traveler Insurance is best suited for frequent travelers or business travelers looking for an simple annual policy which has evacuation and medical coverage, allowing then take multiple trips for visiting USA, or travel outside of fixed permanent residence. The plan allows the policyholder to take as many trips as you want throughout the year, as long as the trips are less than 30 or 45 days, depending on the plan option choose at during purchase.

Wander Frequent Traveler Insurance plan includes 24-hour travel assistance provided by Seven Corners Assist. This plan is administered worldwide by Seven Corners Insurance and policy underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s, London and Tramont Insurance Company Limited.

Wander Frequent Traveler Insurance Review

Wander Frequent Traveler Insurance plan is a specialized medical insurance best suited for business travelers and the policy highlights are as follows:

  • Eligibility: 14 days old up to 80 years old visiting USA or traveling abroad
  • Annual Frequent Traveler Plan, up to $1,000,000 in Medical Benefits
  • Emergency Evacuation, Repatriation, and 24-Hour Assistance Services
  • Covered benefits include Political Evacuation and Terrorism
  • Emergency Medical Expense Coverage
  • Emergency Medical Evacuation or Repatriation
  • Common Carrier Accidental Benefit and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)
  • Designed and administered worldwide by Seven Corners Insurance
  • Underwritten by Certain Underwriters at Lloyd’s and Tramont Insurance Company

Did you know that the premium costs are mandated by law, and you cannot find a lower quoted cost for any given policy and the same plan options selected, whether you purchase directly or through any agent/agency.