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Seven Corners Insurance Provider PPO Network

Search UnitedHealthCare PPO if insured is:

  1. Visiting the USA.
  2. NOT a U.S. citizen/resident.

FirstHealth PPO Network Providers

Providers Outside US

NO PPO Network, if insured is:

  1. Traveling Outside USA
  2. Go to any Doctor or Hospital

Liaison Insurance Provider PPO Network

Seven Corners Insurance maintains relationships with hospitals and doctors throughout the world for the Liaison Travel plans (Liaison Travel Plus, Liaison Travel Choice, Liaison Travel Elite, Liaison Travel Basic) and Liaison Student plans (Liaison Student Plus, Liaison Student) using the United HealthCare PPO Network. Many of your provider selection decisions will be based on geographical location and provider specialties – Inside the USA and Outside of the US.

Did you Know? The advantage of having a PPO Network is you save on coinsurance amounts, but also any additional in-network discount may apply. Many of the Seven Corners insurance plans which are comprehensive plans have PPO network access, they participate in the UnitedHealthCare PPO network. However, certain fixed benefit plans do NOT have PPO network access.

Provider PPO Network Verification

What Name to Mention when Verifying with Care Providers

In the US, when you call a doctor’s office for an appointment or present your ID card to a provider, it is important for you to say exactly as noted below. Otherwise, listed providers WILL NOT recognize this language or evidence presented, and may wrongly state that the plan is NOT accepted.

WHAT TO ASK:  “My insurance uses the United Healthcare PPO Network and I found your name listed as a provider on their PPO network search listings.”

WHAT TO PRESENT: Always ONLY present your insurance ID card which you received upon purchase of the policy.

WHAT NOT TO SAY:  “I have Liaison Insurance” or “I have Seven Corners Insurance” or “I use SevenCorners PPO Network” or “I have a Seven Corners Network plan” etc.

WHAT NOT TO PRESENT:  Do NOT present other documents such as plan brochure or certificate wording or email as proof of coverage.

Seven Corners USA PPO Network

(For Coverage Network Inside the USA)

Seven Corners PPO NetworkUnited HealthCare is the industry’s most comprehensive provider of healthcare cost management solutions, with thousands of healthcare providers under contract, with many million consumers accessing United HealthCare network products, and million in claims processed each year. The United HealthCare PPO network has thousands of acute care facilities and ancillary facilities. The PPO network covers a broad range of healthcare specialties including specialized diagnostics testing, labs, neonatal care, cardiac care, serious trauma injuries, burns, oncology, orthopedic, general to specialized surgery, organ transplants and occupational medicine.

To locate a Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network provider for medical care and health related services for Seven Corners Liaison Insurance Products for coverage in USA, with a list of participating facilities and doctors in Seven Corners U.S. network or International PPO Network, search using the link below 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

USA PPO Network - UnitedHealthCare

United HealthCare PPO Network

Search and find Doctors, Hospitals, Care Providers in the United HealthCare PPO Network and accepting the Liaison Travel Plus, Liaison Travel Choice, Liaison Travel Elite, and Liaison Travel Basic plans.

Note: With the Liaison plans, you can choose any doctor or hospital. As a member in the Liaison insurance plans, you are not restricted to choosing a doctor or hospital or other provider inside or outside the network, as you are free to go to any health service provider of your choice. But it may be beneficial to seek treatment within the PPO network, since if the insurance company is able to generate any cost savings with a provider who is inside the PPO network, this is passed on to you as a member.

Seven Corners International PPO Network

(For Network Coverage Outside America)

Seven Corners International PPO Network has details for coverage internationally outside the U.S. PPO Network. The Seven Corners International Provider Network spans approximately many countries and territories worldwide, visit to access a listing of participating providers such as doctors, medical facilities, hospitals, labs, etc. in Seven Corners’ International Network