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Non-US Citizen Health Insurance is visitor health insurance for Non-US citizens visiting the United States as a visitor or traveler. Non US citizens in the USA are considered as visitors and domestic health insurance policies in America that are available for U.S. residents will not be eligible to apply. Visitors Health insurance for Non US citizens or Non US Citizen Health Insurance are plans designed by insurance providers to cover the non US citizens in America. Visitors can avail health insurance coverage while abroad if they are insured with visitors medical insurance. Health insurance for visitors plan covers visitors for hospitalization expenses, Emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of mortal remains, reunion etc. The coverage for various risks in visitors insurance depends on the insurance company chosen.

Visitors to the U.S. can compare visitors insurance plans or non us citizen insurance policies and purchase the right plan that suits one’s individual requirements. There are various insurance companies who offer visitors insurance policies for Non US citizens at varying premium costs. The benefits, premium costs, exclusions, period of coverage under various visitors insurance plans can be accessed online. Non US visitors can enter their age to get an instant visitors insurance quote according to one’s age group. Non US citizens who are going to the USA from any part of the world can purchase visitor travel health insurance plans offered by insurance providers in America. Visitors can compare visitors medical insurance plans on our website and purchase the right plan that covers for medical emergency. American products can be valid for any travelers who are staying in a foreign country as a visitor.

After comparing various non us citizen insurance plans customers can complete the online transaction to make a purchase using their credit card online. Once the online transaction is complete, non US visitors in America will be covered under health insurance plan as early as the next day or as requested by the customers. The non us citizen insurance policy document  for American tourists and travelers will be instantly emailed as an e-policy which can be printed and used as a legal valid document.