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Many developed countries such as USA have some form of national healthcare coverage for some or all its citizens or have a system of private health insurance for their citizens or residents in place. However, when visitors to the United States of America and other people travel outside their home-country and cross border to these countries, their public health insurance ceases to provide them coverage. International private medical insurance plans provide a low-cost option for visitors to USA and foreign travelers outside USA, with health, accident and sickness coverage for the duration of stay in USA or during travel abroad correspondingly.

Be sure to consider the importance of purchasing a visitors health insurance plan for you and your family when preparing for an extended stay in another country including USA. No matter where you travel, protect yourself and stay healthy with affordable health insurance that allows to feel confident that your needs will be covered.

International travel health insurance covers not only routine care, but also offers coverage for surgery, inpatient care, physical therapy and prescriptions. By having visitors medical insurance that covers your travel medical needs outside of your home country, you can reduce your overall medical bills and save money during your trip.